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Business And Yoga with Purpose

WHO I AM and

Hey there, I’m Fe – a devoted yoga teacherpreneur.

I embarked on a thrilling adventure, breaking free from unfulfilling work patterns and setting out to craft a revolutionary yoga business model to EMPOWER YOGA TEACHERS to thrive online.

🌱 Embrace the freedom to work independently from anywhere in the world.

🌱 Attract, engage, and convert a diverse audience like never before.

🌱 Learn new skills that open up endless job opportunities.

🌱 Master the art of managing your schedule, granting you more precious free time.

🌱 Discover the harmony of discipline, both in yoga and in business.

🌱 Experience the thrill of increased earning potential, all while basking in your favorite place on Earth.

🌱 Unleash an authentic and incredibly profitable version of yourself!

Imagine all your knowledge, best practices, and skills in business, marketing, public speaking, yoga, anatomy, and philosophy expertly condensed into one transformative haven – the Dharma BAY. Business And Yoga with Purpose.

“I waited to be able to teach what I do and to do what I teach.”

So, are you ready to embark on this empowering teacherpreneurship journey?

My Yoga Style:
Dharmakrama Yoga

Dharmakrama is a fusion of Hatha and Vinyasa,  blending the lunar, introspective essence of Hatha with the dynamism of Vinyasa. In this cosmic dance, we embrace the dual nature of existence – the tranquility of the moon and the vigor of the sun.

Venturing into the realm of Dharmakrama Vinyasa, we embark on a captivating exploration of the world’s dynamic aspects, expertly tailored to suit today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Here, the constant buzz of life is translated into dynamic yoga movements, a familiar language that welcomes you into the practice.

In this rhythmic flow, find comfort and stillness to counteract the mental turbulence of daily life. The Dharmakrama Hatha component invites you to hold each asana longer, allowing your breath to guide you deeper into stillness.

The class itself is a harmonious interplay of contrasts, where the pulse of Vinyasa meets the nurturing essence of Hatha. With each movement, we traverse the sun and moon spectrums, building strength and mobility through Vinyasa while cultivating body flexibility and mindfulness through Hatha.

Structured around a peak pose, every sequence gradually prepares your body in a natural and graceful flow. Just as events unfold in the world, each asana builds seamlessly into the next, nurturing your physical and mental realms.

I place a profound emphasis on ENERGY ALIGNMENTS, modifications, and adjustments. This ensures that Dharmakrama yoga welcomes all body types and addresses individual needs, creating a safe sanctuary for exploration and growth and safeguarding against potential injuries.

Through the practice of Dharmakrama, you will experience a profound connection with the ever-flowing universe, unlocking the boundless potential within. 

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Elevate Your Yoga Teaching with Public Speaking

We envision a world where every yoga teachers, regardless of background or experience, feels confident and capable when stepping into the spotlight

60 Days Yoga Strength

The “60 Days Yoga Strength” program is a transformative journey to challenge your body and mind limits, boost your physical and mental strength, and elevate your fitness level. This program aims to enhance your stamina and endurance, enabling you to perform advanced asanas with strength, grace, and ease.

Dharma BAY Academy Business And Yoga With Purpose

Dharma BAY Academy is the first accredited Yoga Alliance Teacher Training program, offering progressive certifications including 200 RYT, 300 RYT, and 500 RYT with Public Speaking, Marketing, and Business modules. 

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