Yoga Teaching Opportunities. Your nearest yoga teacher.

Yoga teaching opportunities.
Your nearest yoga teacher.

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Feel better, look better! Come and Practise with Me, Love Fe.

Intensify your yoga teaching techniques With Fe.

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Yoga is not about the knowledge of the mind or body, but the wisdom in the present moment.

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Learn to balance, mind, body, and emotions.
Discover a new way to come home to yourself.

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Come and Practise with me, Love Fe

Find out about my upcoming classes on Youtube, my latest Podcast, and the next availability for the Skype class.

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When I go to Fe’s classes she always addresses what has been on my mind, without knowing it. With her kind and mindful introductory words she instantly creates a space of focus and energy. This powerful setting is maintained throughout the whole session and helps you to do your best practise. Fe always seems to know how far she can push you, so it is a challenging workout that always leaves you with a sense of personal achievement in the end. What I personally also love is that at the end of the class she always comes back to the initial idea, the setting of the lesson, which helps me to reflect also in my personal life.

Frank Blank

Mimi Herrera

Her classes are incredibly inspiring and uplifting! She really made me like yoga (as a beginner) and couldn’t recommend her more!
She has the kindest heart and in any type of yoga, she would make you feel empowered!

Mimi Herrera

Ona Pattanakul

Fe is one of the Yoga teachers who can bring you really far into the Spirit of Yoga. The mind dissolves itself during, and especially, after the practice with her. She does not give you only a dry knowledge but you`ll really experience it.
Plus the practice itself is also challenging to the body. It requires a lot of energy as well. I would recommend her class to everyone. Especially, those who practice the present moment.

Ona Pattanakul


Fe is one of the kindest and most passionate yoga teachers I know. Her classes are challenging, but she is always there to give help and support where it is needed. I would definitely recommend flowing with her!

Kati König

Brisc Junior

Fe has a unique ability to connect with people and to create a true journey in every class she leads. She gives the impression that she can feel the way you feel. Body and thoughts release from tensions together by following her voice and her advice. Highly recommended for all levels!

Brisc Junior

Giulia Pacini

It was an honor to meet Fe and be her student.
She’s unique!
She transmits all the love and dedication to yoga as to life. Fe is a very pleasant and scrupulous teacher.
I also recommend meditation with her, simply adorable.

Giulia Pacini

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