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Hi, I’m Fe and I’m here to tell you a little bit about myself, my story, to give you a deeper insight into who I am and what I do.

I was never a sportive person, I did some swimming courses, but I never really liked it, I think water was just not my element!

I did some athletic races but I was more doing it for the price and not for the journey itself. 

At some point I wanted to play in a team and so I started volleyball with a result of a broken finger and a serve ball straight on my face.

But there was one think I always loved to do: dancing!

I have been passionate about movement like the flow that dance creates.

Although this led me to traveling, from travelling to teaching, from the latter to yoga and from this practice to a more conscious human being.

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My Journey

Who am I ? What' s my yoga style ?

I help yoga teachers to discover a better version of theirself. 

I like to take the spiritual side of yoga, add a physical challenge and round it up with a nice meditation or breathing technique introduction followed by a dynamic vinyasa yoga flow.

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