Why yoga is a life-changing experience and what it offered to my life!

Parivrttavakrasana, Seated Twist Pose

In the previous episode I talked about my yoga teacher, the very first one I met in Australia in 2011. She helped me to discover something that I never thought I could take into consideration. I continued to attend some random classes, between a cardio class and another. Everything was still very physical, though! I […]

How Important Is The Yoga Teacher?

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I discovered yoga in 2011 when I was living in Australia. I can’t remember if I did it for fun, for a personal challenge or simply because that morning I wasn’t full of energy. I was in a gym, the place where I loved to do all my intense cardio classes, my way to get […]

Key to Happiness: Be Your Own Hero!

I would love to ask you one question: Above all, if today someone asks you what is the most important thing in the world, what makes you move, what would you answer? Close your eyes and try answering before continuing reading. “ When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness […]

Vipassana Collettiva è la nuova Quarantena ITALIANO

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Mi ritrovo anch’io qua a esporre i mie pensieri circa il periodo COVID-19, circa questa quarantena e cosa ho tratto da tutto questo periodo.  Devo ringraziare delle persone che, in questo periodo, mi hanno aiutato a rafforzare la mia idea verso il mio approccio alla vita.  Anche se questo è un momento particolare per l’intera […]

Collective Vipassana is the new quarantine

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I find myself here exposing my thoughts about COVID-19, about this quarantine and what I have drawn from all this period. I have to thank the people who, in this period, have helped me to strengthen my idea towards my approach to life. Although this is a particular moment for the whole of humanity, I […]

Did you ever consider doing LIVE yoga online?

Three Legged Downward Facing Dog Pose, Urdhva Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana, Mountain Pose One Leg Raise, Parvatasana Urdhva Aka Pada

Each of us is free to perceive the world from whatever viewpoint we choose.   Not so long ago many of us, including myself, were seeing the world very freely and differently from how we see it today.  Always able to choose, always being able to create and destroy at the same time, always in control […]

Learn New Things, Learn About Yoga!

Lord of Dance Pose, Natarajasana, yoga classes near me live

Life-Long Continuation of Learning With Yoga. If the school, university or your current course or master shut down would you stop learning? I don’t remember a more difficult moment than this for us humans.  Maybe it was a debt that we had to pay to the universe and now, more than any other time, it […]

Different Meditation Techniques: The Happy Place Is Within Us.

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In this episode, we will look into some meditation techniques. Scanning through the different meditation techniques will give you a better understanding of a theoretical point of view, which is why I created this brief illustrative guide. With time, we will be able to practice the different meditation techniques one by one together. Our mind, […]

The Different Types Of Yoga

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Nowadays there are so many different types of yoga, so many different variations and new definitions.  It’s so fascinating to bump into different types of yoga like gun or beer yoga, like cannabis, dog, goat, raves, nude yoga. There is also aerial, tantrum and acro yoga.  Some people think it’s just for flexible thin women, […]

The flow of Prana is connected to our experiences.

Anjali Mudra Sanskrit, Prayer Mudra, yoga classes near me live

How to optimise your Breathing through Pranayama? Prana (the breath) is like the electricity to the machine (body) and its flow is linked to our emotional level and therefore connected to every human experience. Optimise your breathing through pranayama. How can we control the breath, known as prana, and therefore our experiences? Have you ever […]