Why yoga is a life-changing experience and what it offered to my life!

Parivrttavakrasana, Seated Twist Pose

In the previous episode I talked about my yoga teacher, the very first one I met in Australia in 2011. She helped me to discover something that I never thought I could take into consideration. I continued to attend some random classes, between a cardio class and another. Everything was still very physical, though! I […]

How Important Is The Yoga Teacher?

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I discovered yoga in 2011 when I was living in Australia. I can’t remember if I did it for fun, for a personal challenge or simply because that morning I wasn’t full of energy. I was in a gym, the place where I loved to do all my intense cardio classes, my way to get […]

Did you ever consider doing LIVE yoga online?

Three Legged Downward Facing Dog Pose, Urdhva Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana, Mountain Pose One Leg Raise, Parvatasana Urdhva Aka Pada

Each of us is free to perceive the world from whatever viewpoint we choose.   Not so long ago many of us, including myself, were seeing the world very freely and differently from how we see it today.  Always able to choose, always being able to create and destroy at the same time, always in control […]

The Different Types Of Yoga

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Nowadays there are so many different types of yoga, so many different variations and new definitions.  It’s so fascinating to bump into different types of yoga like gun or beer yoga, like cannabis, dog, goat, raves, nude yoga. There is also aerial, tantrum and acro yoga.  Some people think it’s just for flexible thin women, […]

How to create healthy exercise habits and why you should choose yoga?

Yoga Pose,Moon Phase Pose, Chandra Kala Asana

Well, welcome to the human body! We all have the same setup. But you might also have noticed that there are always some of these people out there, that seems to be free from that trouble. Not fair. They must have good genes or are just lucky. But the truth is, it is neither the […]

AsanaFedia: Downward-facing Dog

Downward-facing Dog, yoga teacher, yoga asana, yoga classes near me live

Sanskrit name: Adho Mukha Śvānāsana  CHAKRAS INVOLVED: – Crown chakra: Sahasrara; five elements– Navel chakra: Manipura; the fire element– Root chakra: Muladhara; the earth element HOW TO PERFORM IT. Step by step guide: – Come into Balasana and stretch arms forward.– Spread the fingers wide, grasping the mat and feel the knuckles firmly planted.– Come […]

Why Practising Yoga Online or Live?

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How many times have you felt disoriented?  And how many times don’t you know where to start and above all what to do? You ended up wisely, reading this article. Today I will help you clarify some of your doubts. Simply starting by telling you that doing yoga online is an easy, cheap and practical way […]