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Are you ready to strike a perfect balance between zen and success?

Find stillness in your asana while diving into the art of entrepreneurship.


Craft a business that aligns with your heart’s true calling and leaves a lasting impact on the world, all while keeping your chakras in check.

Where yoga transcends the confines of the mat and becomes a transformative journey to become a committed, confident, and competent yoga teacherpreneur armed with the knowledge to CRAFT, LAUNCH AND THRIVE your yoga business.

Business And Yoga with Purpose

Discover the hidden truth about becoming a successful yoga teacher...

Everyone raves about the incredible rewards of being a yoga teacher, and they’re right – it’s truly fulfilling.

But let’s talk about the untold challenges that can hold you back from your dream yoga career if you lack one critical skill: BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR.

Welcome to the reality of 2023…

Being a yoga teacher today is so much more than leading classes in a studio.

It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing the role of a digital entrepreneur.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with the exact method you need.

Picture this: With the POWER OF ONLINE MARKETING you can tap into a world of opportunities you never knew existed.

You’ll build your audience, craft a powerful message, and become a magnet for exciting offline job offers – with a success rate that will astonish you!

Innovative business models have already reaped the benefits of going digital,

and now it's your turn to shine!

Embrace the freedom to work independently from anywhere in the world,

Attract, engage, and convert a wider audience like never before,

Learn valuable new skills that elevate your yoga career and open up endless job opportunities,

Flexible schedules that lead to a stress-free work-life balance,

Experience the thrill of increased earning potential, all while basking in your favorite place on Earth,

Unleash an authentic and incredibly profitable version of yourself!

"Do what you love, and you will never work a minute in your life."

From the humble beginnings of a complete beginner to the triumphant moment

of becoming the hero of your own story...

In the symphony of life, there’s a profound balance that shapes our spiritual growth—a dance of actions, desires, needs, experiments, and even failures, weaving together to guide us on our path to progress.

Let’s address the beginning, where countless souls find themselves trapped in a monotonous cycle of working tirelessly for inadequate wages, devoid of fulfilment.

They yearn for freedom from the suffocating grasp of rigid schedules, stressing over rush-hour traffic and ticking clocks.


You grant yourself permission to shed unnecessary weight, stress, and futile effort.

You awaken to the profound value of every minute, realising that time is a priceless gift meant to be cherished.

Your newfound desire for growth pushes you to invest in your education and skills, knowing that change is essential for progress. And though resistance may linger from the past, your determination knows no bounds.

Are you ready to embrace the hero within?

Now it’s time to break free from the chains that hold you back and script a new chapter—one filled with progress, fulfilment, and the realisation that doing what you love is the true key to a life that feels like pure joy, where you’ll never “work” a minute again.

Dear inspiring humans, it’s time to take action—and your future self will thank you endlessly for it!

As a yoga teacher or wellness coach, you hold the transformative power that countless souls are yearning for.

It’s a pivotal moment for humanity, with more people than ever seeking solutions for anxiety, challenges, and stress.

Yet, here’s the key to unlocking your true potential…

Your meaningful message and loyal offline student following are just the beginning.

To make a real impact and reach the world, you need to master the art of:

Reaching a wider audience hungry for your message,

Delivering your message through powerful marketing and social media strategies,

Trust social media platforms as the perfect stage to host your classes and spread your wisdom,

Captivating the attention of your fan base to support your journey and create even more incredible content.

Transform your beautiful words into a higher purpose that resonates with the hearts of many.

Yes, you’re already an incredible yoga teacher, but understanding the profound power of social media, business, and marketing will elevate your mission to an entirely new level.

The world awaits your transformative presence…


Dear fellow spiritual seeker, I understand the conflicting emotions that arise when the realms of money, business, and social media marketing come into play.

But let me tell you a secret – these are not the true obstacles.

The real challenge lies in our relationships, attachments, and pre-judgments towards these aspects.

Whether your dharma leads you to live a modest life with a few clients or to soar to success with a vast community following, the key is finding harmony in a non-judgmental, non-greedy way.

You are not alone on this journey!

I’ve walked in your well-worn shoes, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

TOGETHER, we’ll take the quantum leap, transforming fear into courage, and vulnerability into strength.

You’ll discover the magic of your unique spiritual journey, where success and abundance align with your higher purpose.

The fear of pursuing your goals and reaching your true potential is holding you back.

What you need to know is that it’s not an overnight transformation.

Your journey is a treasure trove of vulnerabilities, mistakes, changes, failures, and moments of triumph that paint the canvas of an authentic beginner.

And guess what?

That’s precisely what people want to see more of—the genuine, relatable journey of growth.

I hear your doubts
and concerns...

Becoming an expert, a legitimate business, and an entrepreneur may feel overwhelming,

but take a deep breath—we’ve got your back!

Dharma BAY Academy embodies its essence in the name itself:

Your aspirations find a safe harbor

Here, you’ll find a supportive community, a step-by-step process, and mentorship, providing answers to all your questions and guiding you along your yoga teacherpreneurship journey.

Worried about the outcome of your yoga business?

Embrace Warren Buffet’s wisdom:

“Learn from other people’s mistakes.”

I’ve been there too, failing in three businesses, but each failure became a valuable lesson for my next venture.

And now, I’m eager to share these insights with you.

At Dharma BAY Academy, we specialise in cutting-edge yoga teacher training, infused with ADVANCED BUSINESS AND MARKETING MODULES that empower you to

Craft, Launch And Thrive your empire online.

Because let’s be real…

Being a yoga teacher today demands more than just crafting the perfect yoga sequence, applying for offline jobs, and waiting for someone to offer you a couple of classes.

It means owning your destiny as a business owner, with the confidence and skills to navigate the digital landscape.

And here’s the best part…

With Dharma BAY Academy, you’re not just learning, you’re transforming and empowering yourself with the tools to embrace your calling, create a thriving yoga business, and leave a lasting impact on countless lives.

Being a yoga teacher today means


Calling all new, aspiring, and veteran yoga teacherpreneurs

Dharma BAY Academy is the transformative journey you've been searching for.

Grow and blossom: Immerse yourself in the richness of yoga anatomy, philosophy, teaching techniques, and methodology, nurturing your skills to new heights.

Master the art of copywriting: Discover the power of persuasive language and gain the confidence to sell your products and services like never before.

Create your distinctive brand: Unleash your uniqueness and position yourself as an expert in your field, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Craft your signature course: Continue to inspire your community with a course that embodies your passion and knowledge.

Harness the power of marketing and social media: Learn to deliver your purposeful message with impact, converting social media into a lead-generation channel, and turning YouTube subscribers into loyal, paying students.

Business independence and revenue growth: Take the reins of your business, increase your revenue, and forge a path to financial prosperity.

And the best part? You'll do it all with authenticity and astonishing profitability.

If you dream of teaching yoga online and earning a fulfilling income, look no further than Dharma BAY Academy, the ultimate course to kickstart your journey.

Dharma BAY Academy Has It All!

Are you still with me? Great!

Let me unveil the extraordinary features of Dharma BAY Academy
a transformational experience like no other.

WHAT sets us apart?

We address the common problems, needs, and desires of the yoga community, which is why Dharma BAY Academy offers not one but two comprehensive courses combining business and marketing with yoga teacher training—all for the price of one. 

This extraordinary value ensures that you receive a solid return on your investment.

WHO is this for?

Dharma BAY Academy welcomes aspiring yogis, new and seasoned teachers, and early-stage yoga teacherpreneurs. Dharma BAY Academy is your gateway to abundant skills and knowledge. 

We empower women to become COMMITTED, CONFIDENT, and COMPETENT yoga teacherpreneurs, making their dreams real, taking intentional steps, and achieving remarkable results.

WHEN should I start and finish?

The journey is yours to control with the”Opt-in-&-Out” feature. Go at your own pace, pause whenever you desire, and pay for additional phases in the next calendar year. 

Complete the requirements in just 10 months or take up to three years—you decide, based on your priorities and level of commitment. We understand life’s complexities, and we want to put you at ease. Dharma BAY Academy fits your budget, time, needs, and desires. 

WHY choose us?

Unlike competitors, at Dharma BAY Academy, we specialise in cutting-edge yoga teacher training (in-depth yoga, philosophy, and anatomy knowledge), infused with advanced business and marketing, while nurturing your public speaking skills. 

Dharma BAY Academy helps you see that yoga transcends the confines of the mat and becomes a transformative journey of empowerment to be able to CRAFT, LAUNCH AND THRIVE your empire online.

WHERE does the magic happen?

Experience our super hybrid formula – half self-paced with pre-recorded videos, half live group coaching calls online, plus 70 hours of Dharma BAY Retreat at the end of the 45 weeks Dharma BAY Academy. 

HOW do you progress?

Grow your credentials progressively with various Yoga Alliance certifications: 200 RYT, 300 RYT, 500 RYT, and up to 800 hours of Dharmatic Business hours. 

And the best part?

Dharma BAY Academy embodies its essence in the name itself. Where aspirations find their safe harbour and where yoga and business merge seamlessly. Dharma BAY Academy will help you master the art of harmonising yoga’s asana and philosophy with the synergy of business and marketing, crafting a path both devotional and wildly successful.

At Dharma BAY Academy, the possibilities are boundless.

Allow us to walk you through each step, offering you a transformative experience like no other.
Where are you in your yoga teaching journey?
A. Are you an Aspiring Yoga Teacher?
B. Are you a New Yoga Teacher?
C. Are you a Veteran Yoga Teacher?
What type of yoga certification are you after?
A. 200 RYT
B. 300 RYT
C. 500 RYT
How much time do you have available from the 6th of January 2024?
Aspiring Yoga
  • 28 Weeks. From January 6 to July 14, 2024
  • 200 RYT Yoga Alliance
  • 600 Hrs of Dharmatic Business
  • Super Hybrid Formula: Prerecorded Videos & Live Group Coaching Calls + 70 Hrs Final Retreat
New & Veteran Yoga Teachers
  • 38 Weeks
  • From January 6, to September 22, 2024
  • 300 RYT Yoga Alliance
  • 700 Hrs of Dharmatic Business
  • Super Hybrid Formula: Prerecorded Videos & Live Group Coaching Calls + 70 Hrs Final Retreat
Aspiring, New & Veteran Yoga Teachers
  • 27 Weeks. From May 11 to November 10, 2024
  • 800 Hrs of Dharmatic Business
  • Hybrid Formula: Prerecorded Videos & Live Group Coaching Calls
Aspiring, New & Veteran Yoga Teachers
  • Flexible Pace
  • 800 Hrs of Dharmatic Business
  • Prerecorded Videos
Aspiring, New & Veteran Yoga Teachers
  • 45 Weeks. From January 6 to November 10, 2024
  • 500 RYT Yoga Alliance
  • 800 Hrs of Dharmatic Business
  • Super Hybrid Formula: Prerecorded Videos & Live Group Coaching Calls + 70 Hrs Final Retreat

Do you know why 70% of yoga teachers don’t start teaching?

Icons (1)

We think we only know 10%, so we keep procrastinating about starting to teach yoga or creating our own online presence.

Icons Business and Yoga

Your brain is wired to prefer the familiar, but if you spend too much time in your comfort zone, you can lack the confidence to try new things.

Icons Business and Yoga (1)

We don’t practise teaching yoga soon enough, and as a result, we forget all we’ve learned.

Icons Business and Yoga (2)

Without good structure, self-discipline, a nourishing environment, or direct interaction with teachers, students may struggle to stay motivated and engaged throughout the course to complete the requirements.

Icons Business and Yoga (3)

We think we only know 10%, so we keep procrastinating about starting to teach yoga or creating our own online presence.

Icons Business and Yoga (4)

Yoga has grown in popularity, so there is a lot of competition among teachers. This may make it tough to stay authentic, without compromising your ethics, your values, your message, your skills, or your soul.

Unleash Your Potential with Dharma BAY Academy

is one of Dharma BAY Academy’s important modules because it teaches you that you can be out there TODAY showing what you know, even if you have no experience or degree yet.

While you continue to study and take consistent daily Dharmatic actions, you will begin to show up as your authentic self.

Icons Business and Yoga

We teach you how to film a video with no audience to boost your confidence, discover what you need to improve, and figure out your teaching style.

We teach you how to teach your classmate, then gradually prepare you to go live in front of a real audience, and be a public speaker.

Icons Business and Yoga (1)

At an early stage of Dharma BAY Academy, you will begin to teach yoga while recording in the comfort of your own living room.

Dharma BAY Academy places a strong emphasis on learning by doing, attempting, and showing up, and the more you practise these things, the more comfortable you get speaking in front of an audience.

Throughout the course, you will be scheduled to teach live yoga classes on Dharma BAY Academy’s social media platforms.

Icons Business and Yoga (2)

Over the course of Dharma BAY Academy, you will be able to develop self-discipline in order to gain enough experience through regular yoga practice before feeling confident enough to guide others.

We will tell you where to find all the material in the most tech-friendly way by navigating the course platform with you, so you will have an easy time understanding when and how to complete the requirements.

Icons Business and Yoga (3)

Dharma BAY Academy believes we should stop comparing and start with our own story and what’s available inside of us. With Dharma Bay Academy, you will discover your true passion and turn it into a business that is aligned with your vision and values.

Icons Business and Yoga (4)

Yoga has grown in popularity, so there is a lot of competition among teachers. This may make it tough to stay authentic, without compromising your ethics, your values, your message, your skills, or your soul.

Do you know why you never complete an online course? Or never attempted to start one?

Icons (1)

Online courses have a heavy workload, particularly if they are self-paced.

Learners may feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the amount of content to cover, assignments to complete, or deadlines to meet.

Icons Business and Yoga

Most online training is structured in such a manner that you pay for it, receive a login, and from that moment on, you are left alone to complete the course. As a result, you will never be motivated enough to finish the course.

Icons Business and Yoga (1)

Most courses out there do not offer flexible schedules, and many people find it difficult to effectively manage their time and prioritise their studies amidst other personal and professional commitments.

Icons Business and Yoga (2)

Some online courses may lack sufficient support systems, such as readily accessible instructors or a sense of community among learners.

The absence of timely feedback, guidance, or assistance when facing challenges can lead to frustration and disengagement.

Are you ready to embark on a journey with Dharma BAY Academy?

Icons (1)

In order to progress gently and organically together at a human pace, we study one new subject each week with the full support of each teacher.

Icons Business and Yoga

The advantage of everyday mentoring is that you can ask for clarifications, express difficulties, obstacles, and doubts about the new topic, and the teachers are helping you navigate the challenges you are facing right on the spot.

Icons Business and Yoga (1)

Dharma BAY Academy always loves to put students at ease as we know that, apart from education, there is a lot going on in life.

Dharma BAY Academy is the first transformational course with an “Opt-in-&-Out” feature built around your budget, your time, your needs, and your desires.

Icons Business and Yoga (2)

After each live class, you beautifully perform, we sit down all together to identify strengths, acknowledge accomplishments, and find ways to improve.

This is a solid practice that can help you in your learning process, so you can walk into the workplace feeling competent, confident, and ready to enjoy your role as a yoga teacher.


Where yoga transcends the confines of the mat and becomes a transformative journey called DHARMA tailored to address COMMON PROBLEMS, NEEDS, AND DESIRES of the yoga community,


At Dharma BAY Academy, we understand the importance of discipline in achieving your goals. Our time-tested system empowers you to master time management, allowing you to take charge of your schedule and productivity.

Holy Tools

Immerse yourself in a sacred arsenal of tools and techniques carefully curated to deepen your practice and elevate your training experience. Our comprehensive learning process caters to all learning styles, like auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic learners, ensuring that you become a capable and confident practitioner.


At Dharma BAY Academy, we prioritise your success by nurturing a supportive environment that keeps you on the path to achievement. Our expert teachers are always by your side, offering daily guidance and immediate clarifications for any challenges or doubts you face.


At Dharma BAY Academy, we understand that life is a delicate balance of passions and priorities. Our 500-hour part-time course is thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly into your normal schedule, allowing you to nurture your passions while pursuing your dreams. Dharma BAY Academy Business And Yoga With Purpose BAY Academy gives you the gift of time - 10 months (45 weeks) to meet the course requirements, allowing you to concentrate the work on two days or spread it out during the week - both paths lead to success.


Wondering why our method works? Here's the secret - our fully supported and guided course is entirely tailored to you - your unique needs, desires, and challenges. We believe learning should be a joy, not a chore, delivering exceptional results time and again and making your journey both enjoyable and impactful.


At Dharma BAY Academy, we believe that taking action is the key to unlocking your full potential as a yoga teacherpreneur. Dharma BAY Academy helps you with your purpose, mission, and vision, empowering you to align your actions with your heartfelt goals. By fostering daily Dharmatic actions, you'll naturally draw more people to your business, expanding your reach and increasing traffic. As a result, your online presence will radiate like never before.

Dharma BAY Academy
Learning Method

Try &

To fully comprehend each subject, we believe in building a strong foundation. We start from scratch explaining the topic with pre-recorded video training, providing you with the necessary background for the weekly topics. This sets the stage for engaging live coaching calls.


Test &

Our group coaching calls are structured based on the Socratic framework interactions, ensuring repetition, revision, Q&A , and open discussions to delve deeper into the material.


Trust &

We encourage you to explore the subject from multiple angles. From quizzes and templates to community study pods and practical tasks.



CHAPTER 1: Yoga in a Big Picture

  1. Yoga in a big picture
  2. Dharma & Sanatana Dharma
  3. Types of Yoga
  4. Meditation – Dhyana 

CHAPTER 2: Yoga History

  1. Yoga History
  2. Mythology: A Brief History and Development of Yoga
  3. Yoga Gurus
  4. Yugas Cycle

CHAPTER 3: Scriptures 

  1. Scriptures
  2. Two paths of life from Katha Upanishad teachings

CHAPTER 4: Orthodox and Heterodox Philosophies

  1. Orthodox and Heterodox Philosophies
  2. Vedanta philosophy
  3. Samkhya philosophy

CHAPTER 5: Paths & Types of Yoga 

The Four Paths in Yoga: 

  1. Karma Yoga – Yoga of action
  2. Bhakti Yoga – Yoga of devotion
  3. Jnana Yoga – Yoga of knowledge and wisdom
  4. Raja Yoga – Yoga of the mind

CHAPTER 6: The Kleshas & Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga by Patanjali 

  1.  The Kleshas & Patanjali’s Eightfold Path of Yoga
  2. Ahimsa & your Practice

CHAPTER 7: Hindu Deities

  1. Shiva
  2. Krishna
  3. Kali
  4. Parvati


EPISODE 1: The Human Body

EPISODE 2: The Respiratory System

EPISODE 3: The Skeletal System

EPISODE 4: The Muscular System

EPISODE 5: Chakras

EPISODE 6: The Cardiovascular and Circulatory Systems

EPISODE 7: The Digestive Systems

EPISODE 8: The Lymphatic and Integumentary Systems

EPISODE 9: The Nervous System

EPISODE 10: The Endocrine, Urinary, Excretory and Reproductive Systems

EPISODE 11: The Interrelation of the Body Systems & Homeostasis

EPISODE 12: Anatomical Patterns inside the Asanas

EPISODE 13: Prehab, Rehab, Treatments, Therapies, Injures, Disorders and Diseases


MODULE 1 – Learning the Foundations of Public Speaking

MODULE 2 – Dharmatic Foundation

1- Delivery method: WASBEE formula

2- The outstanding guide to yoga sequencing

3- First yoga class as a yoga teacher

4- The 10 Rules of Hands-on Adjustments for Yoga Teachers

5- The guide to understand, suggest and use props


Detailed instruction and tips, alignments, common misalignments, adjustments, props, cautions and contraindications, corrections, techniques and cues, and benefits of each pose.

Almost 40 WARM UP ASANAS with more than 200 variations


Detailed instruction and tips, alignments, common misalignments, adjustments, props, cautions and contraindications, corrections, techniques and cues, and benefits of each pose.

Almost 40 MIDDLE 1 ASANAS with more than 200 variations


Detailed instruction and tips, alignments, common misalignments, adjustments, props, cautions and contraindications, corrections, techniques and cues, and benefits of each pose.

Over 40 MIDDLE 2 ASANAS with more than 200 variations


Detailed instruction and tips, alignments, common misalignments, adjustments, props, cautions and contraindications, corrections, techniques and cues, and benefits of each pose.

Almost 60 COOL DOWN ASANAS with more than 200 variations

MODULE 7 – Dharmatic Upgrade

1- Transition asanas

2- How to theme your classes

2a- More than 150 Ideas to Theme Your Yoga Classes

3 – 222 Powerful Verbal Cues To Spice Things Up When Teaching Yoga

4- Chakras Hatha Class Example


Meditation (meditation Asanas, meditations, techniques), Pranayama techniques, Mudras, Kriyas, Bandhas, Mantras, Yoga Nidra.


MODULE 1: Belief System

MODULE 2: The Spiritual Pathway To Become an Authority

MODULE 3: Find Your Colony

MODULE 4: Brand Positioning

MODULE 5: Personal Branding

MODULE 6: Set Up Your Goals

MODULE 7: Market Research

MODULE 8: Principles of Copywriting

MODULE 9: Brand Story

MODULE 10: Social Media

MODULE 11: Lead Generation and Lead Magnet

MODULE 12: Grow your Email List with Your Freebie

MODULE 13: Blossom with Your Landing Page

MODULE 14: Refine your Message with Email Marketing

MODULE 15: Free Strategy Call

MODULE 16: Overcome Mind’s Objections

MODULE 17: Nurture Your Beehive with a Masterclass

MODULE 18: Create Your Evergreen Online Course

MODULE 19: KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

MODULE 20: Map Your Mission With a Business Plan

MODULE 21: Marketing Strategies

MODULE 22: Launch Your Online Course

MODULE 23: Create Your Webpage

Is Dharma BAY Academy the perfect fit for you?


Dharma BAY Academy welcomes those who:

Seek to Reach a Wider Audience Online.

Feel Overwhelmed with Marketing, Social Media, and Business Strategies.

Are Ready to Build an Evergreen Course that resonates with your specific audience.

Desire to Merge Spirituality with Digital Entrepreneurship.

Are Determined to Take Daily Dharmatic Actions: Your dedication is the catalyst for your success.

Are Inspired to Craft a Brand: Align your brand with your core values, vision, message, and purpose, establishing a lasting impact in the hearts of your audience.

Feel It's Time to Make a Difference: Embrace your full potential and positively impact your community.

Dharma BAY Academy is not for thsoe who:

Like to be stuck behind excuses.

Learn about setting up a business online.

Is not willing to create a transformational course for your specific niche.

Prefer to work for someone else. Alos arehesitant to start an online business because they believe that offline is best.

Are not willing to take action, go the extra mile, and do the work.

Struggle in a self-paced setting as well as on live group coaching calls.

Are not interested in being consistent and do not want to employ social media as a tool for advertising their business.

Additionally, we're ideally looking for individuals who:

Prefer Part-Time Study: Study at your own pace, making the most of our flexible learning options.

Embrace Remote Work: Enjoy the freedom of remote learning, adapting your study schedule to fit your lifestyle.

Value Flexibility: With our online courses, you can create a learning schedule that fits your busy life.

Can Dedicate Two Full-Time Days: Allocate dedicated time at home to fully immerse yourself in the transformative 10-month journey.

If you see yourself in these descriptions, seize the opportunity and let Dharma BAY Academy empower you on your path to greatness!

Ready to ignite your potential and soar to new heights?

Climb aboard the air balloon and witness the breathtaking panorama that awaits you!

TOGETHER, we’ll unlock your full potential and uncover the path that’s destined for you in the yoga world.

Take a deep breath!

No more holding back, no more sidelines – it’s time to transform into the EMPOWERED YOGA TEACHERPRENEUR VERSION OF YOURSELF!

Say goodbye to excuses, and instead, let’s create a captivating story that resonates with your heart.

Close your eyes and envision the possibilities – just 10 months from now.


Picture the liberating lifestyle of doing what you love, when you love, and the joy of connecting with your tribe on social media.

Wake up with excitement, go to bed fulfilled, and let your passion lead you to an abundant, purpose-driven business.

Remember, what you achieve in 10 months can far surpass your wildest expectations.

Are you ready to embark on this TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEY with me?

Let’s take this empowering 10-month journey hand in hand as we embrace the new path online.

Don’t wait any longer; your Dharmatic calling is happening now!


Why should you pay attention to what I'm saying?

Introducing Fe: your guide to empowered yoga teacherpreneurship!

Ciao! I’m Fe, a passionate yoga teacherpreneur and a spiritual business coach.

Now, let me tell you a little secret: I’m not some mythical master or famous guru; I’m just an ordinary person who dared to make an extraordinary choice.

I embarked on a thrilling adventure, breaking free from unfulfilling work patterns, and set out to craft a revolutionary yoga business model.

This model is designed specifically to empower queens like you to thrive.

And here’s the REAL MAGIC: I waited to be able to teach what I do and to do what I teach, ensuring the authenticity and effectiveness of every lesson.

My deepest life purpose lies in supporting and mentoring YOU. My mission is to provide you with the most valuable resources to empower your OWN EXTRAORDINARY YOGA TEACHERPRENEURSHIP JOURNEY.

Business & Yoga Teacher

Meet With


Dharma BAY Academy


plenty of bonuses

But I know you’re hungry for more…

And let me tell you, I love people with an appetite for greatness.

Dharma BAY Academy Goes Above and Beyond!

Dharma BAY Academy is your passport to a world of abundant skills, knowledge, and empowerment as we equip you to shine as a COMMITTED, CONFIDENT, and COMPETENT yoga teacherpreneur.

At Dharma BAY Academy, we’re not just overdelivering; we’re redefining what it means to excel in the yoga and business industries.

10 Meditation Scripts: Elevate your yoga classes with guided meditation practices.

Nearly 150 Yoga Class Theme Ideas: Never run out of creative inspiration again!

Comprehensive Guide to Yoga Props to prevent injuries for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

222 Powerful Verbal Cues: Spice up your teaching with impactful cues.

Foundations of Public Speaking Mini-Course.

10 Rules of Virtual Hands-On Adjustments for your online classes.

The Ultimate Tech Guide for Your Online Yoga Business to enhance your online presence and business success.

150 Niche Ideas.

"Emotions & Traits Bank": Define your brand archetype to speak your client's language and connect deeply with your audience.

Colour Theory Guide: Master the art of personal branding with a guide that brings your unique essence to life.

Brand Archetype Quiz: Discover your authentic personality and radiate confidence in your online presence.

Market Research Question Bank: Gather valuable data from your clients to shape your offerings and build stronger connections.

24-Month Access to the Dharma BAY Academy Facebook Community: Join a supportive community of like-minded yogis on your journey.

Hashtag Bank: Save time with over 1,000 yoga-specific hashtags tailored to elevate your social media presence.

But hold on, we’re not done spoiling you yet!

Explore our eye-opening YouTube guide to discover the incredible world of Dharma BAY Academy.

And now, feast your eyes on the Dharma BAY Academy Yoga Manual, a true gem among resources:

300 Asanas in Sanskrit and English, with a whopping 1400 variations, meticulously organized into warm-up, middle 1, middle 2, and cool-down categories for seamless sequence creation.

Each asana is accompanied by comprehensive details, including modifications, variations, benefits, contraindications, cautions, common misalignments, corrections, adjustments, techniques, and cues. You'll have everything you need to guide your students with precision and expertise.

Say goodbye to guesswork as the yoga manual also offers insights on incorporating props for enhanced practice.

Plus, we've taken it a step further by providing visual representations of related chakras for each pose, empowering you to craft powerful chakra-themed classes that deeply resonate with your students.

Dharma BAY Academy leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your growth and success as a yoga teacherpreneur.

Wait, I know that at this point you might be wondering about the investment, but let me ask you a crucial question: Are you truly ready, willing, and determined to take action and achieve your desired results?

If your answer is a resounding yes, if you’re prepared to take Dharmatic action, show up every day, and embrace success with determination, then rest assured, your desired outcome is just around the corner.

The Power of Ongoing Education. Remember, education isn’t a one-time purchase; it’s a continuous voyage of growth and nourishment.

Invest in Yourself, Invest in Success

Every stride you take in investing in yourself echoes in your future success. It might lighten your bank account, but it enriches your wisdom.

As Ben Franklin wisely put it, 

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

Now, let's talk about your investment and the exclusive benefits!

Your investment in Dharma BAY Academy is an investment in your personal and professional growth.

At Dharma BAY Academy, we pour love and care into our transformational course, ensuring you have the best experience and results.

Our step-by-step framework interconnects every aspect, empowering you to embark on a profound Dharmatic change in your life.

Let’s explore the unparalleled value that awaits you with your investment in Dharma BAY Academy.

GROUP COACHING CALLS - A Weekly Path to Mastery

UNLIMITED TOOLS - A Personalized Learning Experience

ONE IN-DEPTH 1:1 COACHING CALL - A Tailored Experience

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ESSENTIAL MANUALS - A Holistic Knowledge Archive

LIFETIME ACCESS - Your Gateway to Ongoing Growth

Major Yoga Outcomes:

Unleash your potential!

Public Speaking Mastery: Gain the power to captivate your audience with effective public speaking techniques. Speak with authority, clarity, and charisma, leaving a lasting impact on your students.

Yoga Expertise: Deepen your understanding and application of functional anatomy, physiology, and yoga philosophy. You'll emerge as a well-rounded yoga teacher, ready to inspire and guide others.

Effortless Class Preparation:Master the art of creating captivating themes, sequences, and introductions in under 30 minutes. Our session plan templates, keywords, and key point graph templates will streamline your processes.

Memorization Made Easy: Seamlessly memorize yoga flows and asana sequences, along with essential techniques and cues for each asana. Our proven methods and resources will help you confidently deliver a flawless class.

Confident Prop Use: Learn to incorporate props with absolute confidence, enhancing your students' experience and offering personalised support during classes.

Mindful Correction & Alignment: Develop the expertise to address corrections, adjustments, and alignment in your classes, ensuring a safe and enriching experience for your students.

In-Depth Yoga Knowledge: Immerse yourself in the theory and practice of Asanas, Meditation, Pranayama, and Bandhas. Your expanded knowledge will enrich both your personal practice and your teaching.

Certified Hatha & Vinyasa Dharmakrama RYT 500 hrs: Upon completion of our program, you'll be proudly certified by Yoga Alliance as a Hatha & Vinyasa Dharmakrama RYT with 500 hours of comprehensive training.

Major Business Outcomes

Elevate your Yoga Business!

Unleash Your Unique Niche: Discover and cultivate a devoted tribe. Embrace a community of like-minded individuals who admire, support, and trust you, eagerly waiting to invest in your products and services

Master the Art of Persuasive Copywriting:Learn the persuasive power of copywriting, captivating your audience with compelling words that inspire action. Craft engaging messages that weave a magnetic spell on hearts and minds alike.

Personal Brand Brilliance:Design and establish a recognizable personal brand, positioning yourself as an esteemed authority in your field. Stand out from the crowd with a distinctive look and feel that reflects your expertise and values.

Confident Sales Mastery: Gain the confidence to sell your offerings with ease and authenticity. Unlock the art of salesmanship, converting prospects into satisfied customers who eagerly invest in what you offer.

Signature Course Creation: Craft your signature course, a transformative experience that continues to inspire your community. Leave a lasting impact on your students, fueling their passion for yoga.

Strategic Marketing Success: Harness the power of social media to create breakthrough business and marketing strategies to summon your first stream of passive income. Reach a wider audience, and attract clients to your transformative workshops, soul-stirring classes, and enlightening retreats.

Automated Efficiency: Streamline your business with automated lead generation and effective online marketing campaigns. Attract a steady stream of clients, allowing you to focus on what you love most—teaching yoga.

Monetize Your Passion:Turn YouTube subscribers into paid yoga students, monetizing your passion and knowledge. Embrace a fulfilling career that financially rewards your expertise.

Future-Proof Business Planning: Craft a meticulously tailored business plan, with your North Star guiding you to future triumphs.

And hold tight, for the wonders continue beyond imagination...

A world of opportunities awaits you

You can unlock multiple avenues to success and fulfillment

Be an Outstanding Yoga Teacher: Become a beacon of inspiration and transformation for your students. Share the wisdom of yoga and guide others on their own transformative journeys.

Be an Entrepreneur: Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and embark on the exciting path of creating and growing your yoga business. Shape your destiny as a yoga teacherpreneur.

Be a Confident Business Owner: Dharma BAY Academy empowers you to confidently own and operate your own thriving yoga business. Embrace the title of a successful business owner with pride.

Embrace All of the Above: Dharma BAY Academy equips you with the skills and knowledge to pursue all these paths simultaneously. Unlock the potential to be a remarkable yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and business owner all in one.

30-Day Money
Back Guarantee

Your success and satisfaction are our top priorities. We believe in the power of Dharma BAY Academy, and to show our commitment, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you don’t see the desired results or are unsatisfied with the course within 30 days of starting, we’ll happily refund your investment.


Commitment Is Key

Achieving your goals requires commitment.

We understand that everyone may have an interest,

but only those who commit 100% can truly soar to new heights.

Dharm BAY Academy offers two courses for the price of one.

Are you ready to discover the honest price of transformation and growth?

Let me break down in my Education Investments for you:

Life is defined by choices—purposeful, brave, intuitive, and extraordinary choices. These choices lead to your progress and transformation into the person you desire to be.

Price is important, but can it outweigh the exceptional quality, knowledge, benefits, and outcomes of Dharma BAY Academy?

Investing in yourself is an unparalleled investment that holds immeasurable value!

Dharma BAY Academy brings together my experiences, knowledge, tests, failures, growths, and optimizations to guide you on your journey.

For just a fraction of what it takes to open a yoga studio, you can make or double your income in just 10 months.

Dharma BAY Academy always loves to put clients at ease because, apart from investing in education, there is a lot going on in life.

Your future begins with your investment in yourself.

Embrace the Flexibility and Accessibility of Dharma BAY Academy

Looking for flexible payment options? We’ve got you covered!

You can choose to pay in THREE CONVENIENT INSTALLMENTS, 

or you can choose to PAY IN FULL by November 30, 2023 and save 10%.

Aspiring Yoga
Pay in FUll
Pay in 3 of
  • 28 Weeks. From January 6 to July 14, 2024
  • 200 RYT Yoga Alliance
  • 600 Hrs of Dharmatic Business
  • Super Hybrid Formula: Prerecorded Videos & Live Group Coaching Calls + 70 Hrs Final Retreat
New & Veteran Yoga Teachers
Pay in FUll
Pay in 4 of
  • 38 Weeks. From January 6 to September 22, 2024
  • 300 RYT Yoga Alliance
  • 700 Hrs of Dharmatic Business
  • Super Hybrid Formula: Prerecorded Videos & Live Group Coaching Calls + 70 Hrs Final Retreat
Aspiring, New & Veteran Yoga Teachers
Pay in FUll
Pay in 3 of
  • 27 Weeks. From May 11 to November 10, 2024
  • 800 Hrs of Dharmatic Business
  • Hybrid Formula: Prerecorded Videos & Live Group Coaching Calls
Aspiring, New & Veteran Yoga Teachers
Pay in FUll
Pay in 3 of
  • 25 Weeks
  • Flexible Pace
  • 800 Hrs of Dharmatic Business
  • Prerecorded Videos
Aspiring, New & Veteran Yoga Teachers
Pay in FUll
Pay in 5 of
  • 45 Weeks. From January 6 to November 10, 2024
  • 500 RYT Yoga Alliance
  • 800 Hrs of Dharmatic Business
  • Super Hybrid Formula: Prerecorded Videos & Live Group Coaching Calls + 70 Hrs Final Retreat



🌱 Dharma BAY Academy: 

A Path for Everyone 

Wondering if parents can follow Dharma BAY Academy?

Yes, absolutely!

Curious if students can create new opportunities online?

The answer is yes!

Concerned about your busy schedule?

We love flexibility.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

In Dharma BAY Academy, we empower you to conquer your fears and take bold steps towards success.

Your Path to Yoga Teacherpreneurship

As an early-stage yoga teacherpreneur, you'll learn to craft the perfect marketing strategy to propel your business forward.

Turn Your Passion into Profit

Unlock the potential of your passion with just one click! Transform your yoga journey into a profitable and successful business from the comfort of your home.

You've Got This!

Don't worry; I'm here to guide you every step of the way. You're more capable than you think, and I'll show you how!

Reflect on Your Decision

Imagine if you had hesitated to apply for Dharma BAY Academy today—would you still have achieved your goals? Don't let doubts hold you back from a life-changing opportunity.

Need More Questions Answered

Contact me at [email protected], and I'll be delighted to assist you with all the details, or simply continue reading. On the next page, you will have all your questions answered. Or check out my FAQ pge on my webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any prerequisites or prior knowledge required for this course?


English level. You need to have an A2 or above English level. Yoga experience. It is preferable (but not required) to have had a consistent yoga practice for at least two years. Willingness to study and commit to a 10 months course.



What is the enrollment procedure?


Check the enrollment procedure here:



What is the average class size?


Dharma BAY Academy like to have approximately 15 to 22 students for the yoga teacher training. For the business part of the academy, we take up to 35 students. This means you can learn from one another and have fun while still providing a highly customised training experience with plenty of care.



Will I have lifetime access to Dharma Bay Academy?


Certainly, You will have lifetime access to the existing course modules, and all the up-skilled content within the course you buy today. For all the major updates to the course and new future modules, you will have the add-on price discounted because you are already part of the Dharma BAY Academy community.



What will I need at home in order to complete Dharma Bay Academy?


A quiet space and a tidy up area for yourself on a regular basis. You should have quiet time between classes to enable knowledge to be digested in your long-term memory, but also a quiet time to journal what you have learned, give feedback about the class, and gather any extra valuable information you need for the development of the course. You'll need a computer or laptop, a smartphone with a camera, a good internet connection, a yoga mat, a bolster (not mandatory), two blocks, and a strap.



When does Dharma BAY Academy start and finish?


The 200 RYT, 300 RYT, and 500 RYT yoga and business training group intakes begin each year on the first Saturday of the year. The next start will be on January 6, 2024. The Opening Circle is happening on Sunday, December 30, 2023, from 3p.m. to 5 p.m. In the opening circle, you will meet all the teachers. You will meet the other aspiring, new, or veteran teacherpreneurs who are attending Dharma BAY Academy with you. You will have the official presentation of Dharma BAY Academy. You will have time to ask all the questions in regard to the course. The actual course will start on January 6. The 200 RYT training ends Sunday, July 28, 2024 (29 weeks). The 300 RYT training ends Sunday, October 6, 2024 (39 weeks). The 500 RYT training ends Sunday, November 17, 2024 (45 weeks). The second intake, which is mainly concentrated in business (800 hours of business), usually begins around Saturday, May 18, 2024.



Is there any assessment for Dharma BAY Academy?


Assessments are necessary to obtain Yoga Alliance certification as a yoga teacher. In weeks 29, 39, and 45, you will have to undertake four types of assessments to obtain, respectively, the 200RYT, 300RYT and 500RYT Yoga Alliance certifications. Practice Teaching Assessments with Feedback. A practical asana exam where the trainer will observe and evaluate how you embody the asana, how you demonstrate the asana, how you deliver the class, and your ability to apply learned communication skills verbally and non-verbally. After your practical exam, you will receive feedback from me about your overall commitment, yoga teaching improvements, and progression within Dharma BAY Academy. Also, you will receive feedback from other students about your weaknesses and strengths. Anatomy Assessment. Written short answers, quizzes, and drag-and-drop assignments. Philosophy Assessment. Written short answers, quizzes, and drag-and-drop assignments. Postural Alignment Assessment. You will perform different asanas, and you will be evaluated by the facilitators and the other teachers. Additionally, you need to have a minimum of 80% attendance to obtain the certification and 80% journaling, which at Dharma BAY Academy is a way to process information and really cement your learning.



What Style of Yoga Does Dharma BAY Academy Teach?


Our approach to yoga follows the tradition and lineage of Hatha and Vinyasa, however, it is a unique style called Dharmakrama.



Will the price always be the same for Dharma BAY Academy?


The course is a newborn, and you are so lucky that you found it at the first stage of its market price. The course will definitely increase in price. If you're feeling that it’s the right move that suits your needs, desires problems, don’t postpone it. It's wise to take action now, as the course might increase in price from the next round on.



Can I buy only one or two phases of Dharma BAY Academy?


Yes, of course! If you are not interested in the first phase, which focused specifically on becoming a yoga teacher, I would recommend the 800 hours of business, which is 30 weeks and usually begins around Saturday, May 18, 2024. Phase 2: Plant the Seed for it to Grow and Blossom. Determine, Define and Verify your Identity in the Market Phase 3: Attract, Nurture and Convert Your Bees Phase 4: Increase the Golden Honey. Optimise & Automate to Increase Revenues Phase 5: Sun Shines Through. Create your Webpage



Can you explain to me better how the 30-day money-back guarantee works?


If you choose to buy Dharma BAY Academy today and commit to it for the first 30 days, completing every single module and action step, and you think Dharma BAY Academy is not the right fit for you, then we are happy to give you your money back. If you’re not happy, delighted, or my method is not what you’re after, then you can contact us at [email protected] and claim your money back within 30 days from the start of Dharma BAY Academy.



Can I buy Dharma BAY Academy if I’m not a yoga teacher yet?


You can buy Dharma BAY Academy, as in the course you will be achieving your first 200 RYT in just two phases of the academy. Additionally, you will learn how to build your yoga business online to have a better chance of starting it sooner rather than later. Wherever you are in the holistic and wellness approach, you will benefit from it due to the business modules. Dharma BAY Academy is also for: Masseurs Osteopaths Life coaches Naturopaths Nutritionists Kinesiologists EFT therapists Yoga teachers Acupuncturists Health coaches Aromatherapists Tai Chi teachers Fitness coaches Self love coaches Wellness coaches Reiki practitioners Meditation teachers Breathwork teachers Motivational coaches Holistic psychologists Craniosacral therapists Mental health coaches Empowerment coaches Transformational coaches Family constellation facilitators Healers (sound, energy, crystal) Personal development coaches Ayurveda consultants or practitioners Chinese medicine doctors and practitioners


Make your mark in the Yoga Community

Reach out today,
and let's shape your success story hand in hand.

Still, have questions?
Reach out on Telegram at dharmabayacademy.

Seek Clarifications Anytime! Drop an email at [email protected], and we'll be happy to help.


🔒 A Reality Check: Success Requires Effort 

Let’s get real! This course is not a quick fix; success in the online world demands dedication. There are no shortcuts, and nobody else will do it for you.

🔒 Your Journey to Success 

Enrolling in this course is just the beginning; the results won’t magically appear overnight. The key to success lies in your daily, weekly, and monthly commitment over the next 45 weeks. The modules are designed to be easily understandable, so you don’t need to be an expert to thrive.

🔒 No Overnight Magic, But Real Transformation 

Forget about overnight magic; this isn’t a lottery ticket. Dharma BAY Academy will empower you to create your own success story through persistence and determination.

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