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Dharma BAY. Business And Yoga With Purpose “One Skill Away”

Unlock Your Potential with Dharma BAY. Business And Yoga With Purpose: “One Skill Away”

Embark on a journey of limitless skills, knowledge, and empowerment with Dharma BAY. Business And Yoga With Purpose. 

“One Skill Away” Your gateway to radiate as a COMMITTED, CONFIDENT, and COMPETENT yoga teacherpreneur.

Business And Yoga with Purpose

Are You Just One Skill Away?

For the driven minds already rooted in a field, our “One Skill Away” is designed to propel you beyond the basics, surpassing long and expensive courses. 

If you are “One Skill Away”, those single modules are the bridge to elevating your expertise.

There is more to it…Listen carefully.

At Dharma BAY we understand different learning styles, doubts, challenges, and needs. 

Dharma BAY “One Skill Away”  is a type of learning tailored to You, crafted to match your skill level, aspirations, and providing exactly what you need to thrive.

When you invest in one of the Dharma BAY “One Skill Away” modules,
you are investing to redeem in our transformative Dharma BAY Academy.

Let me explain further how it works:

1. Buy the “One Skill Away” Module: At the beginning, you buy one module (let's say a niche module) for $55, A$80, or €51.

2. Building Credit: As part of your investment in the one module, you can keep purchasing different other modules and build credits towards your eventual investment in Dharma BAY Academy.

3. Option to Buy Dharma BAY Academy: After a two years period from the date you buy your first module , you can choose whether you want to invest in Dharma BAY Academy or not. If you decide not to buy, you have invested in just a couple of modules. If you decide to buy Dharma BAY Academy, the money that you have invested in single modules will be used as a down payment towards Dharma BAY Academy.

4. Benefits and Considerations: Investing with redemption can be helpful if you want to buy the Dharma BAY Academy transformative course, but don't have enough money for a down payment right away.

Doubtful of lengthy courses?

We understand

Freedom to Flourish. Experience the freedom to learn on your terms. Our Dharma BAY “One Skill Away” module accommodate your schedule, unlike rigid mentorship programs with fixed commitments.

Your Schedule, Your Learning. Busy life? Our flexible approach suits your unpredictability. In-person mentorship can't match the convenience of self-paced Dharma BAY “One Skill Away” Module. Engaging in a mentorship program can require a significant time commitment due to scheduled meetings, assignments, and other obligations.

Unveil Your Potential. Learn autonomously, embracing the joy of self-discovery. With the Dharma BAY. Business And Yoga With Purpose “One Skill Away” module, you have the tools to master material at your own pace.

Balancing Commitments. Say goodbye to rigid schedules. Opt for a self-paced course, ideal for hustlers juggling multiple commitments.

Trust issues?

We understand

Skepticism Meets Solution. We believe that YOUR experience speaks louder than thousand words. Building trust takes time. Our Dharma BAY “One Skill Away” modules serve as your stepping stone to gain your trust and then support you in your future education.

Building trust takes time. Our Dharma BAY “One Skill Away” modules serve as your stepping stone to gain your trust and then support you in your future education.

Your Initial Step Towards Mastery. Discover your passion's depths with a Dharma BAY. Business And Yoga With Purpose “One Skill Away” module, paving your way to mastery before committing to the immersive Dharma BAY. Business And Yoga With Purpose Academy.

Ease into Excellence. Begin your journey comfortably. Kickstart with a a few modules, then decide if our private or coach mentorship aligns with your aspirations.

Your Sanctuary of Learning. Prefer privacy in your pursuit of knowledge? Our Dharma BAY “One Skill Away” module offers a judgment-free zone, free from the gaze of mentors and evaluations.

Doubtful About the Big Investment?

Your investment in a single module can be seamlessly transferred to our transformative Dharma BAY. Business And Yoga With Purpose Academy. 

Empowerment within Reach. 


Empowerment shouldn’t break the bank. Dharma BAY “One Skill Away” module offer affordable avenues to growth, especially if a mentorship’s price tag feels distant.


Discover more about my Vertical Modules at Dharma BAY. Business And Yoga With Purpose “One Skill Away”.

Mastering the Stage with Public Speaking

Mastering the Stage
with Public Speaking Mastery

Unveil the Art of Captivating Public Speaking. 

Step into the spotlight and unlock the secrets of successful public speaking.

Discover a revolutionary way to build your confidence.

Dharma BAY ensures you’ll shine on stage, making every speaking opportunity a memorable success.

Elevate your speaking game and command the room with confidence and charisma. 

Our comprehensive Public Speaking mini course empowers you to connect deeply with your audience, leaving an indelible mark.

Unleash Your Inner Orator
Embark on a journey to unleash your inner orator. The public Speaking mini course is your guide to stepping onto the stage with unwavering confidence, captivating your audience, and embracing your new role as a powerful public speaker.

From Camera Shy to Confident Presenter
Embrace the camera journey by filming videos without an audience. Our comprehensive training starts with filming videos with no audience, helping you boost your confidence and identify areas for improvement. Uncover your unique teaching style, refine your delivery, and find your authentic voice.

Craft Your Presence: The Speaker's Essence
We don't just teach public speaking; we sculpt your presence. Our method guides you through gradual growth, preparing you for real audiences as a confident public speaker. Navigate teaching within a small group. Understand students' needs and guide them towards their goals. Unlock the speaker within you who resonates with clarity, impact, and poise.

The Art of Influence: Your Magnetic Voice
Transition from teaching peers to captivating live audiences. Discover the inner teacher who weaves stories, delivers messages with clarity, and commands the stage with confidence. Uncover the intricacies of impactful communication. Learn the magic of timing, language, inflection, body language, and more. Transform into a magnetic communicator, wielding the power of persuasion. Discover the inner teacher who weaves stories, delivers messages with clarity, and commands attention. Unlock the stage by mastering timing, language, body language, and the art of captivating an audience.

Radiate Confidence from Anywhere
Empower yourself from the comfort of your living room. Dharma BAY brings the stage to you, building your confidence so you shine in every speaking opportunity.

Don't let doubts hold you back from a life-changing opportunity.

I am Ready to Invest in

Dharmatic Niche

Discover Your Dharmatic Niche: Thrive with a Devoted Tribe

Unveil the power of your unique niche and create a devoted community that not only admires and supports you but also places their unwavering trust in your products and services.

Elevate Your Niche
Unravel the world of niches, markets, and tribes. Acquire the skills to discern industry trends, categorise markets, and, most importantly, identify the niche that resonates with your purpose. Dive deep into your clients' fears, desires, and needs to find the sweet spot where you thrive.

Niche Crafting: Beyond Market Understanding
Move beyond the surface and master the art of niche selection. Our comprehensive module delves into the differences between industry, category, market, and niche. Learn how to align your purpose with a specific tribe while unearthing client realities like fears, obstacles, and desires.

Finding Your Niche: A Transformative Quest
Venture on a transformative journey to discover your niche. Navigate through 150 yoga niche ideas straight from the industry. This is more than just identification; it's about creating resonance and connection.

Dominate Your Domain with a Niche
Liberate yourself from the sea of competition. As you hone in on your niche, you transcend the norm, cementing brand loyalty and reducing your marketing efforts. Embrace a realm where profitability thrives.

Your aspirations find a safe harbor

I am Ready to Invest in

Dharmatic Copywriting

Master the Enchantment of Dharmatic Copywriting: Weave Words that Move Minds

Unleash the sorcery of persuasive copywriting and wield words that ignite action within your audience. Craft messages that not only resonate but also cast an enchanting spell, compelling hearts and minds to respond.

Evoke Mastery: The Art of Dharmatic Copywriting
Step into a realm where words hold the power to persuade. Elevate your writing craft to captivate, compel, and connect. Join us on this transformative journey to master the alchemy of persuasive copywriting.

From Words to Wonders: Crafting Persuasion
Unlock the secrets of crafting persuasive prose that doesn't just communicate but resonates deeply. In our copywriting module, you'll cultivate a mastery of skills and strategies that deliver your message with clarity and potency.

The Dance of Engagement: Words that Capture
Unravel the art of engaging your audience right from the start. Experiment with diverse formats that seize attention, paving the way for the enchanting stories that follow.

Stories that Move, Messages that Matter
Craft compelling narratives that bridge hearts to your cause. Learn how stories can ignite emotions, inspire action, and create lasting connections with your audience.

Unleash Every Word's Potential: The Power of Techniques
Every word holds potential. Our module is brimming with techniques to infuse every paragraph with impact. Elevate your writing as you dive into a treasure trove of tips designed to amplify your voice.

Imagine if you had hesitated to invest in the “One Skill Away” module—would you still have achieved your goals?

I am Ready to Invest in

Blossom with the Landing Page

Flourish Your Digital Presence with the Landing Page Mastery

In this transformative module, you’ll unveil the art of crafting a captivating landing page that breathes life into your offerings. Learn to weave your expertise into a tapestry of authority that effortlessly guides potential clients towards embracing your service or product.

Elevate Your Impact with the transformative Landing Page
Empower your business with the mastery of landing pages that resonate. At Dharma BAY Academy, we guide you through the journey of crafting landing pages that don't just capture attention but convert curiosity into commitment.

The Art of Conversion: Sculpting Your Sales Oasis
Witness the magic as we unveil the blueprint for a sales page that resonates with your ideal clients. This module's essence lies in creating a virtual oasis where your offering comes to life, attracting your perfect match, and ushering them towards becoming valued clients.

Transform Your Vision into Reality: Landing Page Wizardry
Immerse yourself in the art of designing landing pages that transcend mere aesthetics. Uncover the secret blend of psychology and persuasion that nurtures curiosity, inviting potential clients to explore the realm you've masterfully crafted.

Crafting the Compelling Sales Symphony
This lesson isn't just a recap; it's an evolution. Building upon the foundation of copywriting, you'll uncover advanced techniques and real-world examples that add depth and power to your sales content. Experience the symphony of words that entice, engage, and elevate.

Weaving Principles into Practice: The Landing Page Alchemy
Bridge theory with application as you translate copywriting principles into potent landing pages. Discover how each concept from the copywriting module takes form within a structured, tested layout, designed to convert curiosity into commitment.

You've Got This! You're more capable than you think, and I'll show you how!

I am Ready to Invest in

Dharmatic Evergreen Course

Cultivate Your Evergreen Course: Crafting Your Signature Transformation

Elevate your impact through the art of crafting your signature course. Delve into the process of designing a transformative journey that not only ignites passion for yoga but also leaves an indelible mark on your students.

Elevate Your Expertise: Evergreen Course Mastery
Welcome to a realm where knowledge becomes a legacy. You'll embark on a journey to create courses that perpetuate transformation, resonating through time.

Forging the Ideal Offering: Your Signature's Transformation
Empower yourself to mould your passion into a signature offering that touches lives. This lesson empowers you to conceive your ideal signature course, one that steers your community towards successful outcomes.

The Art of Personalised Transformation: Crafting One-on-One Offers
Discover the magic of personalisation. Unlock the ability to design unique, one-on-one experiences that tailor to individual growth. Uncover the art of structuring offers that resonate on a personal level.

Crafting Modules, Lessons, and Impact: Your Transformation Toolkit
Step into the role of a creator as you learn to build the cornerstone of your course. Design engaging modules, impactful lessons, and captivating videos. Uncover the art of writing, filming, editing, and planning.

Unlock Your Legacy: Share, Connect, and Prosper
Crafting an online course isn't just about sharing knowledge; it's about fostering a community. Harness your expertise to attract new leads, connect deeply, and watch your income thrive.

Crafting My Journey, Guiding Yours
Just as I transformed my passions into guidance, I offer you the same path. Dive into the realms of creating and scaling a digital course, growing your audience, amplifying sales, and nurturing a thriving online business.

Your future begins with the investment in yourself

I am Ready to Invest in

Why should you pay attention to what I'm saying?

Introducing Fe: your guide to empowered yoga teacherpreneurship!

Ciao! I’m Fe, a passionate yoga teacherpreneur and a spiritual business coach.

Now, let me tell you a little secret: I’m not some mythical master or famous guru; I’m just an ordinary person who dared to make an extraordinary choice.

I embarked on a thrilling adventure, breaking free from unfulfilling work patterns, and set out to craft a revolutionary yoga business model.

This model is designed specifically to empower queens like you to thrive.

And here’s the REAL MAGIC: I waited to be able to teach what I do and to do what I teach, ensuring the authenticity and effectiveness of every lesson.

My deepest life purpose lies in supporting and mentoring YOU. My mission is to provide you with the most valuable resources to empower your OWN EXTRAORDINARY YOGA TEACHERPRENEURSHIP JOURNEY.

UNLIMITED TOOLS - A Personalized Learning Experience

FACEBOOK COMMUNITY SUPPORT - A Thriving Hub of Connection

LIFETIME ACCESS - Your Gateway to Ongoing Growth

The Exclusive Benefits of Your Investment!

Your investment in Dharma BAY Academy is an investment in your personal and professional growth.

Our step-by-step framework interconnects every aspect, empowering you to embark on a profound Dharmatic change in your life.

Let’s explore the unparalleled value that awaits you with your investment in Dharma BAY Academy.

The Power of Ongoing Education. Remember, education isn’t a one-time purchase; it’s a continuous voyage of growth and nourishment.

Invest in Yourself, Invest in Success

Every stride you take in investing in yourself echoes in your future success. It might lighten your bank account, but it enriches your wisdom.

As Ben Franklin wisely put it, 

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

It's important to note that different individuals have varying preferences, goals, and circumstances, that influence their decision-making process.

Both DIY courses and comprehensive mentorship programs have their own advantages and drawbacks, and the choice ultimately depends on what aligns best with an individual's needs and preferences.

Dharma BAY Academy always loves to put clients at ease because, apart from investing in education, there is a lot going on in life. 

Unlock Your Learning Journey


Embark on a transformative adventure at your own pace, tailoring your education to your schedule and needs.

With each module, you open doors to new insights.

Step into the world of flexible learning, skills, and growth, all while nurturing your passion for empowerment.

Embrace the flexibility and freedom to choose your path and to invest in your education one module at a time.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. Conquer your fears and take bold steps towards success.

Your Path to Yoga Teacherpreneurship. As an early-stage yoga teacherpreneur, you'll learn one skill at the time to propel your business forward.

Turn Your Passion into Profit. Unlock the potential of your passion with just one click! Transform your yoga journey into a profitable and successful business from the comfort of your home.

You've Got This! You're more capable than you think, and I'll show you how!

Ready to invest in your
“One Skill Away” module ?

Your transformation starts now for a small investment of

$55 "One Skill Away" Module

A$80 "One Skill Away" Module

€51 "One Skill Away" Module


Dharma BAY Business and Yoga with Purpose: 

A Path for Everyone 

Wondering if parents can attend the easy to follow video trainings?

Yes, absolutely!

Curious if students can create new opportunities online?

The answer is yes!

Concerned about your busy schedule?

We love flexibility.

7-Day Money
Back Guarantee

Your success and satisfaction are our top priorities. We believe in the power of Dharma BAY Academy, and to show our commitment, we offer a 7-day money back guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied with the course within 7 days of starting, we’ll happily refund your investment.


Commitment Is Key

Achieving your goals requires commitment.

We understand that everyone may have an interest,

but only those who commit 100% can truly soar to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any prerequisites or prior knowledge required "One Skill Away" module?


All you need is a willingness to study and commit to the course.



What is the enrollment procedure?


Check the enrollment procedure here:



Will the price always be the same for "One Skill Away" module?


The course is a newborn, and you are so lucky that you found it at the first stage of its market price. The modules will definitely increase in price. If you're feeling that it’s the right move that suits your needs, desires problems, don’t postpone it. It's wise to take action now, as the course might increase in price from the next round on.



Will I have lifetime access?


Certainly, You will have lifetime access to the existing course modules, and all the up-skilled content within the course you buy today. For all the major updates to the course and new future modules, you will have the add-on price discounted because you are already part of the Dharma BAY Academy community.



What will I need at home in order to complete "One Skill Away" module?


* Good, Stable, and Fast Internet Connection: Ensure a reliable internet connection to facilitate smooth live streaming. * Good Sound System: * Tech: Computer, iPad or smartphone. * Quiet Streaming Space: Set up and maintain a quiet and distraction-free space for live streaming to ensure a conducive learning environment. You should have quiet time between classes to enable knowledge to be digested in your long-term memory, but also a quiet time to journal what you have learned, and gather any extra valuable information you need for the development of the course.



Can you explain to me better how the 7-day money-back guarantee works?


If you choose to buy Dharma BAY One Skill Away today and commit to it for the first 7 days, completing every single module and action step, and you think Dharma BAY One Skill Away is not the right fit for you, then we are happy to give you your money back. If you’re not happy, delighted, or my method is not what you’re after, then you can contact us at [email protected] and claim your money back within 7 days from the start of Dharma BAY One Skill Away.



When does "One Skill Away" module start and finish?


Normally, the "One Skill Away" module requires between 10 and 20 hours, depending on the module type.


Make your mark in the Yoga Community

Still, have questions?
Reach out on Telegram at dharmabayacademy.

Seek Clarifications Anytime! Drop an email at [email protected], and we'll be happy to help.


🔒 A Reality Check: Success Requires Effort 

Let’s get real! This course is not a quick fix; success in the online world demands dedication. There are no shortcuts, and nobody else will do it for you.

🔒 Your Journey to Success 

Enrolling in this course is just the beginning; the results won’t magically appear overnight. The key to success lies in your daily, weekly, and monthly commitment over the next 45 weeks. The modules are designed to be easily understandable, so you don’t need to be an expert to thrive.

🔒 No Overnight Magic, But Real Transformation 

Forget about overnight magic; this isn’t a lottery ticket. Dharma BAY Academy will empower you to create your own success story through persistence and determination.

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