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Unlock Your Potential with Dharma Bay's Exclusive Private Mentorship

Embarking on a new journey without a roadmap can be daunting. 

At Dharma Bay Private Mentorship, we wholeheartedly understand the overwhelming challenges that beginners face when establishing their own business online.

Business And Yoga with Purpose

Why Choose Dharma BAY Mentorship?

While books and classes lay the foundation, mentorship unveils the nuances and insights that can only be gained through experience. 


Fast-track your personal and professional growth with the wisdom of a mentor by your side and discover the extraordinary power of learning from those who’ve walked the path you’re on now. 


Embark on a transformative journey tailored to Yoga Teacherpreneurs who are ready to establish their inspiring yoga business online. 


Even if you don’t have a business idea yet!

Are you ready to paint your path with personalised guidance, support, and feedback from experienced instructors?

Your success story begins here

Join Countless Seekers. Throughout the world, seekers like you are on a quest for guidance. Whether it's mastering marketing strategies, honing business acumen, or excelling in the art of yoga, mentorship is the compass that navigates you towards success.

Tailored for You. Have you encountered those moments of uncertainty, staring at a blank canvas? The journey of a yoga teacherpreneur can be both exhilarating and daunting. The weight of solitude, the labyrinth of confusion—these are shared passages.

Discover the Empowering Synergy. Let's unveil the hidden synergy between the art of yoga and the science of business, propelling you towards prosperity like never before.

Embrace the Harmony. Much like the sacred practice of yoga, the journey of entrepreneurship has its moments of seeking guidance, nurturing assistance, and insightful direction to manifest your aspirations.

A New Light on Collaboration. These pillars reveal a fresh perspective, one where seeking assistance becomes a symbol of strength, acknowledging that we're not meant to conquer everything alone. It's a stride towards a profound spiritual maturity that fosters respect for limits, boundaries, and the rhythm of work.

With unwavering support, guidance, and expertise, those hurdles evolve into unprecedented blessings.

Explore the Spectrum of Benefits...

Expertise and Experience Unveiled: With honed knowledge and battle-tested experience, Fe will guide you with precision, helping you steer clear of costly pitfalls and navigate challenges with finesse.

Unlock the Power of Time: In your quest for progress, time is of the essence. Fe distils her years of trial and triumph into proven strategies, frameworks, and shortcuts. Say goodbye to the maze of trial and error – embrace a swifter path to your goals.

Crafted for Your Success: What you gain isn't just advice, but tailored solutions that align with your unique journey. Dharma BAY teachers analyse your canvas, understand your strokes, and provide recommendations that resonate with your aspirations.

Your Pillar of Support: Dharma BAY teachers are your beacon, your motivators. Dharma BAY teachers  will hold you accountable, keeping your vision in sight, and she will offer not just encouragement, but a steady hand to overcome obstacles and scale new heights.

Eradicating Overwhelm: In the sea of information, clarity can drown. Dharma BAY teachers  channel your focus. Step by step, Dharma BAY teachers usher you through the essentials, curating your learning and ensuring you stay on track.

Confidence and Peace of Mind: With Dharma BAY teachers, you're not alone. The assurance of a seasoned guide fuels your confidence, silencing doubts. Your decisions and actions become bolder, fortified by expert wisdom.

Imagine a realm where guidance is not just given, but tailored to you - an experience sculpted to match your business's distinct needs, challenges, and aspirations.

Breaking through the barriers and embarking on your journey to achieve outstanding results within your business is within reach. 

Dharma Bay Private Mentorship:
A Unique Path

WHAT sets us apart?

With Dharma BAY Private Mentorship, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to excel as a yoga teacherpreneur but also cultivate a deeper understanding of your unique dharma—your purpose and calling in life. Our program is dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential, live your passion, and make a positive impact in the world while  making your journey smoother and more fulfilling.

WHO is this for?

Dharma BAY Private Mentorship empowers aspiring yoga teachers to excel as successful yoga teacherpreneurs. Our personalised program offers comprehensive guidance and support, tailored to each student’s unique goals and aspirations. 

WHEN does the magic unfold?

Announcing our exclusive Dharma BAY Private Mentorship program! Limited to 5 students monthly from May 1st, 2024. Join our waiting list now for personalised guidance in yoga teacherpreneurship. Secure your spot today!

WHY choose us?

Through one-on-one mentorship sessions, students receive personalized attention and feedback from experienced instructors who are dedicated to their success. Our mentors serve as trusted guides, offering invaluable insights, practical advice, and actionable strategies to navigate the complexities of building a thriving yoga business.

WHERE does the magic happen?

Through one-on-one mentorship sessions with experienced instructors, students receive invaluable insights and practical strategies to navigate the challenges of building a thriving yoga business through tailored one-on-one live coaching calls. Whether refining teaching skills, developing a business plan, or establishing an online presence, our mentorship provides the tools and resources needed for success.

HOW do you progress?

Whether you’re seeking to refine your teaching skills, develop a strategic business plan, or establish a strong online presence, our mentorship program provides the tools, resources, and support you need to achieve your goals one breath at a time, one step at a time, one skill at a tim, one client at a time. 

Let's explore the potential of the Dharma Bay Private Mentorship How the Method Comes Together

Step 1

Setting Your Itinerary

Tailoring Your Destination: by acknowledging your strengths and the unique tapestry that sets you apart as a yoga teacher. Whether it's your personal journey, expertise, or background, we'll sculpt a niche that resonates with the world.

Crystal Clear Goals: Define your ambitions, set clear goals, and craft a roadmap that propels you towards your online teaching aspirations.

Values as Your North Star: Align your offerings with your values and beliefs. Authenticity creates resonance with future students. This journey isn't just about teaching yoga; it's about sharing your authentic self.

Step 2:

Crafting Your Map

Sculpting Your Identity: A brand that speaks your essence. Craft an identity that reflects your philosophy. This unity attracts your target audience and nurtures trust.

Finding Your Niche: Discover the unique melody in your teaching. Focus on a niche that sets you apart from the crowd. Your specialisation becomes your beacon.

Begin with Boldness: Small steps forge monumental paths. Start simple—create plans, establish an online presence, and record initial practice videos. This is your launchpad to greatness.

Step 3:

Embrace the Journey

Trailblazing with Content: Craft content that echoes your passions. Engage on social media or a blog. Witness your audience's resonance and refine your ideas in real-time.

Celebrating Imperfection: In the early days, uncertainty is your companion. Embrace this dance of growth, seeing each misstep as a stepping stone to excellence.

Bond with Your Tribe: Visualise your students and their struggles. Tailor your offerings to meet their needs. This connection ignites your unique spark.

Step 4:

Savouring Every Milestone

Consistency's Crown: Forge a rhythm. Consistency shapes your online presence. Design a schedule for content, interaction, and promotion—your compass for growth.

Adventurous Curiosity: The realm of yoga is boundless. Seek inspiration in others who came before you. Enrol in further workshops, training and dive into unexplored territories.

Toasting to Progress: Pause and applaud every stride. Each step is a testament to your journey. This celebration fuels your fire and infuses your path with joy.

Is Dharma BAY Private Mentorship the perfect fit for you?


Dharma BAY Academy welcomes those who:

Seek to Reach a Wider Audience Online.

Feel Overwhelmed with Marketing, Social Media, and Business Strategies.

Are Ready to Build an Evergreen Course that resonates with your specific audience.

Desire to Merge Spirituality with Digital Entrepreneurship.

Are Determined to Take Daily Dharmatic Actions: Your dedication is the catalyst for your success.

Are Inspired to Craft a Brand: Align your brand with your core values, vision, message, and purpose, establishing a lasting impact in the hearts of your audience.

Feel It's Time to Make a Difference: Embrace your full potential and positively impact your community.

Dharma BAY Academy is not for thsoe who:

Like to be stuck behind excuses.

Learn about setting up a business online.

Is not willing to create a transformational course for your specific niche.

Prefer to work for someone else. Alos arehesitant to start an online business because they believe that offline is best.

Are not willing to take action, go the extra mile, and do the work.

Struggle in a self-paced setting as well as on live group coaching calls.

Are not interested in being consistent and do not want to employ social media as a tool for advertising their business.

Ready to ignite your potential and soar to new heights?

Climb aboard the air balloon and witness the breathtaking panorama that awaits you!

TOGETHER, we’ll unlock your full potential and uncover the path that’s destined for you in the yoga world.

Take a deep breath!

No more holding back, no more sidelines – it’s time to transform into the EMPOWERED YOGA TEACHERPRENEUR VERSION OF YOURSELF!

Say goodbye to excuses, and instead, let’s create a captivating story that resonates with your heart. 

Why should you pay attention to what I'm saying?

Introducing Fe: your guide to empowered yoga teacherpreneurship!

Ciao! I’m Fe, a passionate yoga teacherpreneur and a spiritual business coach.

Now, let me tell you a little secret: I’m not some mythical master or famous guru; I’m just an ordinary person who dared to make an extraordinary choice.

I embarked on a thrilling adventure, breaking free from unfulfilling work patterns, and set out to craft a revolutionary yoga business model.

This model is designed specifically to empower queens like you to thrive.

And here’s the REAL MAGIC: I waited to be able to teach what I do and to do what I teach, ensuring the authenticity and effectiveness of every lesson.

My deepest life purpose lies in supporting and mentoring YOU. My mission is to provide you with the most valuable resources to empower your OWN EXTRAORDINARY YOGA TEACHERPRENEURSHIP JOURNEY

The Power of Ongoing Education. Remember, education isn’t a one-time purchase; it’s a continuous voyage of growth and nourishment.

Invest in Yourself, Invest in Success

Every stride you take in investing in yourself echoes in your future success. It might lighten your bank account, but it enriches your wisdom.

As Ben Franklin wisely put it, 

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

Unlocking Exclusivity:

The Treasures of Your Investment

When you invest in Dharma BAY Private Mentorship, you’re investing in a profound journey of personal and professional evolution.

A Symphony of Care

At Dharma BAY Private Mentorship, every corner is infused with love and meticulous attention. Our transformational course is meticulously curated to offer you an experience that’s not just good, but exceptional.

A Blueprint for Dharmatic Change

The step-by-step framework of Dharma BAY Private Mentorship isn’t just a collection of lessons – it’s a tapestry woven with purpose. This blueprint guides you towards a profound shift, not just in your business, but in your life.

PRIVATE COACHING CALLS - Your Weekly Bespoke Journey

UNLIMITED TOOLS - A Personalized Learning Experience

FACEBOOK COMMUNITY SUPPORT - A Thriving Hub of Connection


LIFETIME ACCESS - Your Gateway to Ongoing Growth

Your Investment

Your Legacy

Dive into the depths of transformation with Dharma BAY Private Mentorship. 


Your future awaits, and Dharma BAY teachers are here to walk this path of empowerment by your side.

7-Day Money
Back Guarantee

Your success and satisfaction are our top priorities. We believe in the power of Dharma BAY Academy, and to show our commitment, we offer a 7-day money back guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied with private mentorship within 7 days of starting, we’ll happily refund your investment.


Commitment Is Key

Achieving your goals requires commitment.

We understand that everyone may have an interest,

but only those who commit 100% can truly soar to new heights.

Elevate Your Learning with Cultivate Your Yoga Identity, Planting Seeds for Growth and Bloom.

Option 1: Cultivate Your Yoga Identity, Planting Seeds for Growth and Bloom.
For the Early Stages of Your Business
8 Weeks, 8 Topics to Forge Your Path
Pay in FUll
Pay in 4 of

1. Find Your Niche
2. Brand Positioning
3. The Art of Personal Branding
4. Goal Setting & Market Insight
5. Copywriting Mastery
6. Brand Storytelling
7. Social Media
8. Marketing strategies

Are you ready to embark on this Transformative Journey with us?

If the dream of building an online business has ever danced through your thoughts, only to be brushed aside by concerns of money, time, fears, or the overwhelm of possibilities, let us be your guiding light.

Let's Connect

Together, let’s delve into the heart of the matter. Let’s address those obstacles that stand between you and the radiant success you’ve always envisioned. It’s time to rewrite your narrative, and we are here to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any prerequisites or prior knowledge required for Private Mentorship?


Willingness to study and commit. Achieving your goals requires commitment. We understand that everyone may have an interest, but only those who commit 100% can truly soar to new heights.



What is the enrollment procedure?


Check the enrollment procedure here:



Will I have lifetime access to the Video Conferencing Calls?


Certainly, You will have lifetime access.



What will I need ?


Good, Stable, and Fast Internet Connection: Ensure a reliable internet connection to facilitate smooth live streaming. Good Sound System Tech: Computer, smartphone or tablet. Quiet Streaming Space: Set up and maintain a quiet and distraction-free space for live streaming to ensure a conducive learning environment.



When does Dharma BAY Private Mentorship start and finish?


First Option: 5 weeks. Week 47: Monday, November 25 to Monday, December 23rd. Second Option: 8 weeks, whenever suits you the most.



Can you explain to me better how the 7-day money-back guarantee works?


If you choose to buy Dharma BAY Private Mentorship today and commit to it for the first 7 days, completing every single task and action step, and you think Dharma BAY Private Mentorship is not the right fit for you, then we are happy to give you your money back. If you’re not happy, delighted, or my method is not what you’re after, then you can contact us at [email protected] and claim your money back within 7 days from the start of Dharma BAY Private Mentorship.



Can I buy Dharma BAY Private Mentorship if I’m not a business owner yet?


Well, if you're an aspiring yogi on the verge of sharing your passion, a seasoned teacher seeking new horizons, or an early-stage yoga entrepreneur ready to turn your vision into reality, then you're right where you need to be.


Make your mark in the Yoga Community

Reach out today,
and let's shape your success story hand in hand.

Still, have questions?
Reach out on Telegram at dharmabayacademy.

Seek Clarifications Anytime! Drop an email at [email protected], and we'll be happy to help.


Ditch the illusion of perfection.

Recognise flaws—ours and yours; therein lie the genuine processes.

No expectations, no letdowns. 

Dharma BAY Private mentorship won’t be flawless, a miracle fix, and our words won’t always be profound. 

Life’s real, and so are we. 

Can you accept that? 

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