How can I know what’s coming up next?

Always check in the calendar section. 

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What’s the Skype class?

The Skype class is a live class with me where you can  practise remotely from anywhere in the world and in the total comfort of your own living room for 49.00 euros.

It’s an 1 hr LIVE yoga experience of your choice: Yin, Power, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, some core or strength classes or perhaps emotional yoga. 

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What’s the private class?

It’s a class that can be taught either in Munich or Milan, mostly in Munich, since I am not often in Milan lately. 

You can find out when I’m available and by looking at the calendar or shop section. 

You can practice with me either Yin, Power, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow or some core or strength classes, or perhaps you might like to try emotional yoga.

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What’s the single live yoga class?

It’s your  live yoga class without commitments. 

You will just have to pay 10 euros whenever you feel like joining, 24 hours in advance of the actual class. 

It’s your small, healthy and cheap investment towards yourself.

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I want to change my informations.

You can update all your personal information by clicking on “My Account” and then “Account Details”.

What’s the MeetUp event? 

It’s a donation-based event in Byron Bay, where you are able to practice yoga without any contract and any commitment.

This event enables Münchener, foreigners, and people who are temporary in Munich to meet new like-minded people, travelers, students with a passion for yoga and a healthy lifestyle.

Lunch Flow with Fe in English is for beginners, but since we do a lot of alignments in this class , it’s beneficial for intermediate too, because when we progress, we tend to forget the basics of the discipline.

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What’s the best way to pay?

You can pay via Card (Visa, Mastercard) or PayPal.

We remind you that all payments will be issued over a secure HTTPS connection, through Paypal service. Therefore you either have to have an account or create one.

Check if your card has enough funds!

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I have trouble with international transfer.

Most of the time the issue is with your bank as it doesn’t recognize some of the international purchases. Please get in touch with them to resolve the issue. 

Or open a PayPal account connected directly with your bank account. 

How do I create a PayPal account?

Creating a PayPal account is super easy, quick and free! Click this link to figure out how to get one: PayPal 




I want to change my informations.

You can update all your personal information by clicking on “My Account” and then “Account Details”.

 When does my membership expired?

The Unlimited Live-Style and the UpLive Yoga memberships: 

Once Annually plan, 365 days of validity

Every Six Month plan, 183 days of validity

Every Month plan, 60 days of validity

Exclusive access to:

* Private Facebook and WhatzApp group for subscribers. Access here

* Live chat, real-time questions & answers after each class 

* You can rewatch the Live Classes in HD 24/7

* 10% to the next workshop, event, and retreat

Membership area

I’m no longer able to log in. I might have forgotten my account password.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

If you don’t remember your password: 

* Click “LOG IN” top right corner of the webpage. 

* Click “Lost your password?” 

* Type your registered email. 

* You will receive a link to reset your password.

* Click on that link and reset your password.

* Write it down somewhere save to not forget once more. 

Where can I download the receipt or invoice?

The invoice will be automatically sent to your registered email after the purchase.

Where should I type in a coupon code?

You can type your coupon code in your “Cart” section and then click on the “Apply Coupon” button.

How can I buy the “single live yoga class”?

You can buy “online live yoga class” by going to “my shop”, add it to the cart and then follow up with the payment options. 

How can I access the “single live yoga class”?

  • Click “LOG IN” in the right top corner of the page.
  • Directly below click “Membership Account”.
  • Then you can access to your reserved area and access to the live class section.

Once I bought the “single live yoga class”, can I watch it on my devices?

Yes, of course, you can watch it on all your devices. 

Do I need to repeat the “single live yoga class”?

Yes, to master the class, it would be ideal if you would come back and repeat it for one month once a week. 

How does the Loyalty Rewards Programs in points WORKS? 

From the webpage, you will notice on the left side share bar a “gift” symbol underneath of the social media logos, right?

This is the program I built for you to reward any of your purchase or actions of commitment to be part of the creation of “FeMaryenne” project. 

You can start to accumulate points by simply sharing your date of birth, subscribing to the newsletter and much more.

When you create an account with “Loyalty Rewards Program” you will have 10 points automatically.

If you add up all the rest of the rewards points you will already have 50 points. 

50 points are the minimum to redeem your first discount code. 

You can redeem your points every 50 points. 

And you can turn them into money for your next purchase. 

We have also a Referral Program where every referral gets as referrer 80 bonus points.

The referred member gets 10% discount on the next purchase.  

Do you want to know more?

Click on the “gift” symbol on the left side share bar on the webpage. 

We love to reward our loyal clients!

What does “Fe Maryenne” do with your payment?

Provide free experiences online. 

Help people look better and feel better. 

Pay taxes, maintenance of the webpage. 

Produce high-quality contents and classes.

Pay App subscriptions like Spotify, MeetUp, etc. Donation-based events to enlarge the yoga community all over the world. 

The cost of my future yoga teacher training, which will be in Australia this time.

Pay for books and manuals to have a better understanding, giving you a better understanding of the discipline.


Membership future expectations: 

At least two Live Yoga Classes in one week. 


If you purchase any program, class, event or workshop you agree to no refunds as stated in the terms and conditions. 

Refunds can only be given in case of double payment. 

For Skype class and private class:

If you cancel 24 hr prior to the event, you will be able to re-book. You can rebook only once. 

If you cancel within 24 hours before the class start, you will not be entitled to get a refund and to rebook. 

P.S: No exceptions are being made.