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People do make a difference in our experience called life.

How much can a person influence a choice? 

A crucial part of my path is due to my yoga teacher and all the teachers I have met until now.

I discovered yoga in 2011 when I was living in Australia.

I can’t remember if I did it for fun, for a personal challenge or simply because that morning I wasn’t full of energy.

I was in a gym, the place where I loved to do all my intense cardio classes, my way to get rid of a high dose of toxins.

Almost by accident, I went to try a yoga class.

I walked in the room and I remembered being so amazed by seeing people lying down in Shavasana (relaxation yoga pose) in such a deep meditative state.

Even though people were talking and making noises around, they didn’t move a millimetre.

My first class was not so easy. 

It was tough.

It was quite difficult to stay focused and still for so long in that “deafening silence”. 

It was traumatic for my neck to follow all those asanas (yoga poses) upside down.

I was copying left and right, I turned around here and there. 

In “down-dog” I was emulating the student behind me to understand what was coming next.

I was completely disoriented, I had no idea what I was doing and in what type of set I ended up!
Did you feel this way too when you tried yoga for the first time?

Not surprisingly, just before entering the class that morning, I casually read one of those articles on the benefits of yoga.

An article that collects a series of people who express the change that yoga has made in life.

I had often heard it can be a relaxing, life-changing discipline.  

Have you ever read one of those articles?

You are actually doing it right now!

After class, I felt reborn, as if I had freed a significant number of blockages in my body.

I had never worked on my body and mind like that.

In fact, my body was somewhat upset by this discovery, because of too many forward bends and stretches, but my mind was light. 

I continued doing yoga for the year and a half or so that I stayed in Australia!

I was so challenged that giving up was not an option!

That moment when I decided to continue marked the beginning of this long journey.

Do you know what made me continue?

A crucial part of my path is due to my teacher. 

I think in school it was pretty much the same.

Even at college math became interesting when I did change the teacher.  

She was engaging, empathetic, kind, self-confident, she was resonating with me.

It is said that: “the first love is never forgotten” and my relationship with yoga was pure love.

I admired her work to some extent that she got me engaged in something I didn’t think could become a part of me.

How important is the teacher? 

How much can a person influence a choice?

What do you think?

People around us are continually inspiring and encouraging us.

Some people are resonating with us, some people stand out because of the beautiful souls, some others have the knowledge we lack.

What do I want to say with all that?

I want to say that there is no one type of yoga, neither one teacher, nor experience to narrow down the world yoga into one stereotype. 

You need to find your style, your teacher and the right experience to make the discipline work for you. 

If you don’t know where to start, you have a chance to experience a new teacher. 

There are encounters that don’t happen by accident. 

Fate is determined by our ability to react at the right time and not miss an important opportunity.

Come and try my classes!

My style of yoga takes the spiritual side of yoga, adds a mental challenge with a meditation or a breathing technique, and rounds it up with a physical dynamic yoga challenge.

My type of class is unique, developed throughout my experiences as a fitness coach and the years of practising and teaching first Hatha, then Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Power yoga. 

If you thought of yoga as a mild stretching discipline or some spiritual hocus-pocus, welcome, and be invited to one of my classes.

Expect a relatively fast flow, with elements of fitness coaching which are not just effective, but also exciting sequences.

I will guide you to listen to your limits, both physically and mentally to get you into the shape of your life. 

And that not just temporary, permanently!

Be willing to take an appointment with yourself with LIVE yoga classes, with me!


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You can rewatch on YouTube from the next day on, with GoPro 8 quality resolution. 

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See you at the front row, I’ll be by your side.

Much Love, Fe

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