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So, why should you create healthy exercise habits?

Everyone knows how important it is to have a healthy routine.

Especially when you grow older you reach a point when you realize that you are not 15 anymore and you have to warm up before doing exercises or even train to be able to throw a frisbee once a year.

Well, welcome to the human body!

We all have the same setup.

But you might also have noticed that there are always some of these people out there, that seems to be free from that trouble.

Not fair.

They must have good genes or are just lucky.

But the truth is, it is neither the genes nor just luck.

The only difference is, they never stopped, or they restarted, or they found exactly what they like doing.

You might still say, but I stopped, or never started, got injured, don’t have the time, the studio is far away…the list is endless.

So what is it? How are they doing it? And what?

It’s simple, they created a habit.

They created a habit, that helps them to stay healthy and fit.

And here is how you are able to do the same.

Maybe, you are also saying, why should I create a healthy exercise habit at all.

What could possibly be the outcome of something like that?

Nice question and very easy to answer.

By now, the physical body and its functions are very well known.

So scientifically, it is proven that exercising just once or twice a week can reduce your risk of dying from cancer, cardiovascular disease, and all other causes.

That sounds already amazing.

But also it reduces stress.


To make it short, physical activity produces chemicals in the brain, endorphins, that act as painkillers and improve your ability to sleep, and that in turn reduces stress.

A healthy exercise habit keeps you mobile and flexible, both physically and mentally.

It keeps your body young, endorphins high and stress low. 

Creating a habit is fairly easy.

According to James Clear, the author of “Atomic Habits” there are four laws to create a new habit.

There is science behind the creation of new habits.

It’s a four-step process: cue craving response reward.

Having an awful taste in your mouth craving to feel clean teeth, brush them, feeling clean and fresh.

The trigger is always something that leads you to a craving.

This craving then motivates you to take a certain action, the response, which then leads to the reward.

The reward in return leads to the cue…and so on. 

So the cue is what triggers your behaviour?

This leads to a craving, or motivation, which itself leads you to a response, the action and the reward is basically what you get out of it.

In our case, the cue is the yoga class.

The craving is feeling great after class.

That then motivates you to attend the class.

And the reward: you feel great! 

Knowing how it works is one thing, but how to make it work?

Make it obvious, make it attractive, make it easy and make it satisfying.

Make it obvious.

Choose a trigger, that jumps in your face.

When you want to floss your teeth after brushing your teeth, put the floss next to your toothpaste in the bathroom!

So, like this the trigger becomes obvious, attractive because you just have to grab the floss after you put your toothbrush down and easy, you are working on your teeth already, in front of the mirror, all set perfectly, and that makes it satisfying.

Your teeth are feeling even better!

Wow, that’s amazing!

Now we know how to build a habit.

So why should we choose yoga as our healthy exercise habit?

Yoga is one of the oldest and most diffuse sets of practices.

It is unlike everything else.

According to Patanjali, yoga aims to first unite all parts of the body, to then make the bodywork as a whole together with the consciousness. 

That actually means that yoga, first of all, is a great way to take care of all the parts of the body.

No skipping leg days or overtraining certain muscle groups.

Each part gets trained.

If we come back to the example of the beginning, feeling that you are not 15 anymore and having difficulties to move, with yoga you basically lubricate all your joints!

You lengthen and strengthen all muscles, your fascia, the ligaments.

But yoga can do way more for you.

I mean, not that there needs to be more, it already sounds almost perfect.

The list of research is as long as the list of results.

So let’s quickly introduce some of them to you.

Yoga may:
Improve general well being by relieving stress, supporting good habit, improving mental and emotional health, sleep and balance. 

Relieve lower back pain and neck pain
Relieve menopause symptoms
Help people manage anxiety and depressive symptoms
Help people to lose weight
Experience Flow state.

And that is just a small list.

And it is actually just one side of what yoga does for you.

The physical side.

But as I mentioned before, there is also the aspect of awareness.

You get not just more aware of your body, how all your parts work together and create a whole, but also being more conscious.

Becoming more aware of your actions, behaviour, surroundings and the impact you have on your environment and vice versa. 

Implementing yoga into your life, as a healthy exercise habit will in the long term change your whole life and your way of thinking and seeing the world.

It creates not just more balance within you but it also balances you with your environment and therefore eliminates stress and conflict.

Creating a new habit, especially a healthy habit is already a great achievement and a reason to celebrate, but choosing yoga as your new healthy habit is gold!

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