Is there for real a key to happiness?

What would happen if your life can unfold the way you really want?

What does it mean to be your own hero?

The answer is simple and is without any logic behind.

It’s so simple that doesn’t need any more words but your full awareness of what needs to be changed.

I would love to ask you one question:

Above all, if today someone asks you what is the most important thing in the world, what makes you move, what would you answer?

Close your eyes and try answering before continuing reading.

“ When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life, when I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. 
I wrote down ‘happy’.
They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.’
Cit John Lennon.

Why did I start with this quote?

When I was probably 5 or even before, until today I wanted to be happy or at least when I was a kid I didn’t know exactly how to describe it with one word.

It was a feeling I couldn’t place it in one box, there were many things all in one.

It was this feeling when my mother or my father would hug me. 

It was this moment of spring coming which brings this warm fuzzy vibe. 

It was being able to go out to play wild with my two sisters in our marvellous flower garden.

It was the realization of becoming an adult by using for the first time my weekly pocket money to buy candies.  

Can you recall any situation when as a kid you would feel happy?

This beautiful sensation of being complete and full of the surroundings where problems and worries are slowly fading away. 

This beautiful happy state coming from the stomach and not from a rational conscious mind like we adults are normally doing.

Many things have changed since then, and you know what’s really funny?

Happiness is something that changes from day to day, even if I’m still happy when I buy candies, it’s a process of self-realization. 

Bear with me!

It’s something you will understand through the blog. 

I have to shortly introduce myself before continuing with the topic. 🙂

I’m Fe, a big traveller, a free spirit, attracted to nomadism. My curiosity has always pushed me to explore new places. In 2006 I decided to start travelling to satisfy my interest in different lifestyles and cultures. 
In 2011 I went to Australia and I fell completely in love.

Since then I keep dreaming of it but I was never taking the leap to move back there.


I still don’t know.

I used to live in Munich because my boyfriend is from there.

We were not unhappy to live there, but the idea of moving somewhere else was always there. 

One day we sat down and we wrote what we wanted for our future on a piece of paper and the common thing was living by the ocean.  

And so from there, we thought of possible countries and Australia was the most suitable for many reasons. 

(maybe I’ll tell you the reasons in a single blog)

A few months ago my happiness was moving to Australia and starting my advanced yoga teacher training here in Byron.

The idea of going back home to collect all my stuff and say goodbye to my family was secondary because of the excitement to finally move to the country where I always wanted to live.

Going to Italy was more a passage that would lead me to where I wanted to be. 

If until this very moment my idea of happiness was described to a place like Australia, my image of happiness suddenly changed. 

Us, humankind, started a new unexpected tough time!

For weeks, the outbreak of coronavirus has limited our normal life. 

People are not able to get to places as easy as it was, people die and people get isolated because they are infected.

The town where I’m coming from is close to Milan and it’s difficult to access as it is considered a red zone. 

If I was travelling there I would not be able to make it to Australia. 

What did I want to say with all that?

My perfect image of happiness shifted from the idea of moving to Australia to suddenly being able to hug my mum and dad.

I think I was taking this moment of hugging and say good-bye for granted.

It is a simple, but powerful action that could impact the start of a journey to the other side of the planet.  

And it did for many days!

It’s like looking up at your heroes and being able to have that little reassurance.

I thought that happiness is like the missing favourite warmest sock!

You know that at some point it will show up, but the foot will freeze until then.

I know I will be able to hug them, but like the sock missing can be long and cold until you have it back!

Our mind is divided into two hemispheres, unconscious and conscious.

I believe my conscious mind was taking over because I had a phase where all I wanted was to see and touch them.

And it was tough because I couldn’t have it!

The conscious mind is the visible one, and so attached to material things, experiences and touch.

But there is also the deep one and it’s not visible.

It’s the unconscious mind which goes beyond manifestations.

Continuing by my example, I know that if I close my eyes I can feel their love without any demonstration, without any reassurance word or expression like a hug.

It’s there and it will always be. It’s unchangeable and unconditional. 

Humankind is made of both. 

We are so familiar to express love by touching and looking in real life, but what I realized is something that goes beyond stereotypes because we are such a complex form made of energy!

Happiness to me today it’s not a show or an emotional whim. 

It’s not an obsession over anything like a hug or situation like moving to Australia.

It’s relaxation over nothing because it’s simple. 

It needs nothing but you! 

Happiness is solid when achieved without force, and it’s a long-lasting harmonious relationship with oneself. 

It’s hard to believe, even for me, I was so attached to the material world, so touchy, so needy, so attached and possessive to people and situations.

Just lean back for a moment, close your eyes and ask yourself what is your personal happiness?

Do you identify happiness through material goods?

Are you a compulsive buyer to feel happy?

Are you happy just when surrounded by people?

Are you happy when alone in an empty room just by observing your thoughts and your breath?

Try to feel your happiness. Whatever it is for you, it is. 

Don’t judge it today, but observe how much awareness you bring into your life in order to change your approach to happiness. 

Being happy is recognising that it is worth living life despite all the challenges, misunderstandings and periods of crisis. 

Maybe it is the gift and the tragedy at the same time. 

The best description or tip I can share with you today is:

Happiness is a way of travelling within one’s self, becoming an actor in your story. 

Happiness sometimes doesn’t require words, being right, buy material goods, but just your full awareness toward what needs to be changed.

With time, you will become that happy person within! 

You will become your own hero!

You will become your warmer sock and hug!

And loving life for its simplicity because you are happy in your own skin!

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