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Why should you practice LIVE online yoga classes?

I’m here to talk to you guys about the new trend called LIVE yoga online.

Today I will help you to understand why live online yoga classes are so helpful and practical in the time we are living in. 

Which online live yoga classes I offer and how you can come and join me on the mat!

In this email, we will also go through my favourite topics regarding yoga discipline like: 

Why Yoga Works? 

Why Is Yoga So Beneficial? 

Well, a lot of information hey!

Grab a cup of coffee or a warm tea and make yourself comfortable to read this new blog entry. 

Each of us is free to perceive the world from whatever viewpoint we choose.  

Not so long ago many of us, including myself, were seeing the world very freely and differently from how we see it today. 

Always able to choose, always being able to create and destroy at the same time, always in control of everything! 

Everything fell apart a few weeks ago, everything changed when we discovered we are vulnerable and not in control at all! 

Did you ever think of what you miss the most from your old life? 

As a yoga teacher what I miss the most today is the contact with people, the interactions in my classes and after the classes, to sum it up, the social aspect of the entire scene. 

I was always a one-to-one person, feeling the need to touch, adjusting my students within the yoga practice, creating healing energy in Shavasana, and being able to hear the subtle frequency of the people. 

 Seeing and sensing students around me fully, while allowing inspiration from them just by observing them was an incomparable pleasure.  

Social distance is everywhere now and somehow is becoming normal. 

It’s true that staying home even if it’s definitely not in our hands, not our choice anymore, it makes us stop, breathe, relax, and slowly change belief systems, and habits. 

I always remind myself of this great Darwin’s quote: 

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, but rather, that which is most adaptable to change.” 

Early enough my partner and I moved from Munich city centre to a rural area close to Byron Bay. 

From a city with all the comfort, including being able to shop next door for freshly baked bread or pizza, jumping on the bike to go to the studio I used to teach, and be in places quickly with metro, to an area where the closest shop is a half-hour away from here.  

By seeing what’s happening right now in the world was the best decision that was ever made. 

I have no idea how we would feel during the ongoing changes in our daily lives if we stayed in a big city like Munich.  

The countryside life slows us down, makes us appreciate the beauty and colourful nature and its sounds makes us see the stars and it’s brightness.

I never considered how many starts a sky can hold! Makes us appreciate relationships and a warm hug.  

And yes, to continue doing what I love to do, which is teaching yoga, I had to reconsider moving from a one to one kind of lover to an online LIVE type of teacher.  

I was able to adapt to changes by discovering a new way of sharing which somehow can reach much more people in a short time. 

I’m now doing what I love in a brand new format, helping people stuck in their home to feel less lonely and more motivated.  

My online program “Yoga classes near me Live” nowadays can be your easy, cheap and practical way to do something healthy for yourself from the comfort of your living space or garden.  

Why should you practice yoga LIVE online? Yoga can be an expensive discipline. 

For the single class, the cost is roughly around 20 euros, and the monthly subscription is roughly 100 euros.  

And also to get to the studio, you have to consider the cost of transportation or fuel. 

 To find out what’s your favourite studio and teacher and to reach it can take a lot of time and energy. 

Normally in the studio, you can do your practice only once and if you like some sequences you either remember it or you lose the possibility to repeat it.  

Online is a great way to deepen the concepts, which at first glance are not very clear.

You can practise LIVE, but you can review it, pause it and review again as much as you like. 

If you are a beginner, you can start with some specific online programs for beginners to then develop your practice with an avalanche of online yoga classes on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. 

With LIVE yoga classes, the good news is:  

You can wear the weirdest pyjamas
You can create the most welcoming environment in your own place. 
You won’t have to go to class early to ensure being in the front row.
You will be less intimidated because there will be no one around you to judge your practice. 
You will no longer be able to judge the practice and skills of others, which is a great way to lose that feeling of comparison.
You will start to pay attention to every signal of your body, experiencing a 360-degree practice.
You can pause, stop, review topics repeatedly and restart at your own rhythm.
And the best about it is zero commitment, no hidden costs and it’s definitely much cheaper compared to a studio membership!       

Yoga LIVE online can be your new healthy habit just one click away from wherever you are!  

A type of no-stress discipline where you will leave everything out of the door. 

LIVE yoga is a journey within, such an intimate appointment with yourself. 

And here we come to the next question: 

Do you know why yoga works? Yoga is not just an ancient type of personal development to balance body and mind, it is also one of today’s top answers to excess body weight, movement restrictions, stress and anxiety. 

Yoga online businesses and platforms are popping up everywhere because there are millions of practitioners all over the world.  

And all this is not without a reason.  

You may ask why?  

It’s easy to answer: Yoga works! 

In fact, yoga not just works, yoga is a GAMECHANGER.  


It is not another insufficient way to quickly lose some weight or to get in shape for some weeks and then loose shape again. 

Yoga, when done right, will become part of your life.  

A habit. a daily routine.  

A go-to tool, whenever you feel stressed, down, tense, or in any other way out of balance.  

And by doing it regularly, you will keep your shape, your preferred weight, the mobility and the flexibility and last but not least, the balance. 

You may ask yourself how you should start, and how to create such a habit, what style platform, teacher, frequency, mat, yoga pants and – feel overwhelmed.

Don’t worry.

We got your back! 

I design a beautiful weekly program for you LIVE! 

Sounds too good to be true. The start of new healthy habits is just a fingertip away:  

And in my blogs, I like to reply every week to some of the statements mentioned above.  (frequency, mat, yoga pants, how to approach yoga, steps from beginners to intermediate and so on). 

Yoga is an experience. 

I can’t explain what it is intellectually. Well, of course, there is yoga philosophy and the knowledge of yoga asanas, but everyone experiences it very differently from one another. 

And it changes and transforms from day to day.  

One day your body is allowing changes because your mind is clear and so you can focus more on your breathing.  

Another day your mind is less flexible and so your body requires more physical challenges.  

One day you can hold and be perfectly still in a balancing posture because the mind has less fluctuations from external factors.  

Another day your mind is very hyper and active and your body feels like dancing from one pose to another.  

One day you want to focus more on your strength and another on your flexibility either in mind or body. 

The two are very much interconnected and you will discover it more and more within your practice.  

During your day and life, you store plenty of emotions and experiences in your body and subconscious mind.  

And here we come to the last question of this blog: 

Why is yoga so beneficial? 

If you have any tension in your mind or body you can transform this huge storage of stuck energy into a completely newborn.  

Every part of the body contains and stores pieces of information collected during life and experiences. 

Have you ever noticed, when someone is lacking self-confidence they have an arched spine and the opposite when someone is self-confident they have an open chest?  

The purpose of yoga is to bring awareness, being receptive to the body’s messages, accepting and allowing them to be transformed in a less demanding process.  

Yoga is a tool that allows you to recreate a slower relationship with yourself. 

Practising yoga is not just about stretching, performing complicated poses or keeping your joints lubricated, and your muscles smooth, yoga is a way to let go of inner limitations and conflicts.  

And when I say limitations are mostly in the mind.  Your body is just a device to the mindset.

The self-limitation we create and accumulate during years around parenting, education and belief systems can be rebuilt into a new belief system made of inner strength, and confidence. 

The discipline of yoga will bring more flexibility into your life, adapting to difficult situations in a more relaxed way and allow empowering answers to inspire life’s flow.  

It’s a way to move forward, expand and explore by pushing yourself past limits. 

Don’t forget: it doesn’t matter what’s happening in your life right now, you can still choose who you want to be! 

Your life is an addiction of choices! 

Yoga will assist you to live your life internally and externally more open, receptive, and appreciative.  

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it”. Cit. Jordan Belford. 

Take small actions towards your well-being. 

Are you ready to start? 

See you at the front row this Wednesday, I’ll be by your side.

PS: in yoga, there is no restriction of caste, creed, religion, cult or country of belonging, it is open to everyone, anyone can practice from the age of 7, 8 on.
So if your kid is around, invite him or her to join your practice. 

No one needs special equipment or expensive clothes, just a mat, a small amount of space and a strong desire for a healthier and fulfilled life.

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