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Who thinks in your head? Only you.
Who can control your thoughts? Only you.
Who can change the flow of thoughts? Only you.
The good news is that you can first approach meditation in a few easy steps.
From now on you can control your thoughts with different types of meditation techniques. 

In our modern, hectic world, we seek to reduce stress in the midst of our busy schedules and demanding lives, where our senses are often overstressed.

The life we see or experience outside can be a projection of our mind even if our thoughts are not always easy to control as they are running fast.

We are constantly worried about what happened.

We waste so much time and energy by holding on to memories, consumed by our thoughts of the past.

When we have a break from the past, we are dreaming about the future and so useless worries are kicking in. 

We are almost never in the present moment. 

I have a solution for you!

From now on you can control your thoughts.

Meditation can be a medicine, it’s the answer to calm down the chaotic inner chatterbox. 

It’s definitely a way to evoke relaxation and heighten awareness.

If the mind is quiet, our body, our nervous and muscular system will answer to that. 

Isn’t this the level of peace that we are all searching for?  

Consciously or not, all of us are seeking that level of quietness between mind and body, which leads to inner peace.

The key to success in meditation is consciousness. Body and mind in the present moment.

Everyone has different approaches to meditation. 

Before being able to sit still in meditation, my way to meditate was knitting: the automatic repetition was so calming for my mind. 

Some people find the sounds of water relaxing or birds singing and so their best way is to sit in nature and focus on that particular vibration.
Others reach a state of relaxation by staring into the fire or a candle flame. 

Someone more active can meditate while walking. 

Focusing our thoughts on one point can be very difficult, especially on the first attempt. 

The mind can be easily distracted by the outside world.  

Don’t worry, it’s normal! 

Don’t be in a hurry!
We rush already so much in life. 

Be kind, especially when you take an appointment with yourself. 

There is no one judging you, there isn’t a right or wrong way to meditate, it’s a pure connection with your higher self.

Practising regularly will eventually increase your ability to focus for a longer time.

If you repeat your meditation practice daily you will become more mindful and also you will discover how to strengthen and master the mind.

It’s a long-term master skill. 

The good news is that after 21 days you do it regularly it becomes a habit. 

So you have 21 days to experience it. 

Start today!

The secret is to step out of your comfort zone. 

By reading this article you already did. 

It often takes a couple of trials until you find the mediation that suits you.
Keep reading until the end, to discover different types of meditations.

If one type of meditation doesn’t work, just try another style, try different ones. 

Not all styles are for everyone because different practices require different skills and mindsets. 

Open yourself up to these new possibilities.
The easiest way to begin:
Choose a time of day.

Meditating around the same time each day can make meditation an easy way to incorporate the habit into daily life.

I suggest you do it first thing in the morning because the mind is still calm. 

Sit quietly or lie down (if sitting feels too uncomfortable.

If you can somehow make it sitting, do it.

Lying signals the body to fully let go and sleep, but you want a state, where you are just comfortable enough but able to stay present.

Also, a straight spine is ideal for circulation).

Close your eyes.

Breathe, but don’t try to regulate your breathing.

Focus simply on your breathing. Pay attention to the sensations of breathing, attend to the rise and fall of the abdomen, the chest, shoulders, your body and the air that goes in-and-out your nostrils.

Be the observer.

Just witness how it happens.

Don’t try to interfere with it.

If thoughts are coming up, don’t identify with them.

Let them go as they come.

When your thoughts go astray, return gently to your breath.

Meditate for 5 minutes per day for the first two weeks, gradually increase your time every two weeks for 5 minutes until you reach 20 ms. 


You can start with 4 meditations a week for the first week, increase frequency to 5 for the second week, 6 for the third week to 7 for the fourth week.  
If meditation begins to be very helpful, it may be beneficial to increase the time per day or to use it to reduce stress whenever needed.

Here a short list of Meditation benefits:

* Improves your focus.
* It increases concentration.  
* Leads to positive thoughts. 
* It gives peace of mind.
* It disciplines your mind. 
* Helps increase awareness of your body and thoughts.
* Reduce anxiety.
* Reduce stress. 
* It diminishes symptoms of depression.
* Improve sleep.
* It lowers blood pressure.
* Spiritual enlightenment.
* Improve mental wellbeing and emotional. 
* Helpful tool in fighting chronic pain and illnesses. 
* Helps heart disease.
* It’s a way to release tension in your mind and in your muscles.

An old Zen cit: “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.”
Here’s a list of different types of meditation practice:

*Mindfulness meditation
*Vipassana meditation 
*Movement meditation
*Mantra, Chanting or Transcendental Meditation 
*Visualisation meditation 
*Guided meditation 
*Yoga meditation 
*Chakra/Third Eye or Body Scanning meditation
*Tatrak or Gazing meditation
*Self-enquiry or “I Am” meditation 
*Loving-Kindness Meditation 

Which type of Meditation Is Right for you? 

You will discover it soon. 

Have you ever tried some of my meditations?


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