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Couldn't you find a suitable time? Would you like to know your conversion rate?

If you couldn’t find a suitable time and you would like to know the conversion rate in your currency. No problem! Send me an EMAIL @ [email protected] 

How do you reserve your spot?

  • Fill up the following Form (indicate the time, the style of yoga you will like to practice, what is your goal with yoga, if you have any injuries, if you want to develop your strength or flexibility, if you are more spiritual or physical oriented. Send me any details that may help to understand who you are and what you would like to work on).
  • Book your class by clicking on the calendar on your available date.
  • Wait for confirmation.
  • Open a Paypal account and then proceed with the payment within the next 24 hours after your confirmation (link to open a Paypal account link)
  • Alternatively, you can transfer me money in my bank account.
  • If the payment will not be made within the next 24 hours, the reservation will be automatically canceled and a further reservation will be required, which includes the same procedure.

What do you need?

  • A Skype account (here is the link on how to open one: Click here).
  • A computer with a decent sound system (Always check the sound quality, before the class).
  • A place where you are away from any distractions.
  • A mat. (If you are a beginner one strap and two blocks).
  • Good Wifi connection.
  • You will need to speak one of these two languages: Italian or English.

What will happen in this hour together?

  • In the first 10 minutes, there will be a brief introduction with breathing exercises or meditation practise.
  • 45 minutes of practice.
  • In the last 5 minutes, there will be relaxation and final greetings.
  • After the class, you will immediately receive an email to leave your feedback

Small suggestions for a good outcome:

  • Try to respect the times.
  • Try to be in a good mood. If you had a particularly difficult week or day, before the class take a walk outdoors or in the middle of nature. Or sit in meditation for 10 minutes.

For Cancellation:

For Skype class and private class if you cancel up to 24 hours before the event you can rebook. You can rebook only once. 

If you cancel within the last 24 hours before the class you are not entitled for a refund.

P.S: No exceptions are being made. 


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