Fe Maryenne

Form to Fill In Before the Yoga CLASS

    Name and surname

    Date of Birth

    e-mail address

    In case of an emergency, who should we contact? (Include name, relationship, and phone number)

    Do you have any injuries?

    If yes, specify in detail. When did it happen? How long was the recovery period? Have you done any yoga classes since the injuries?

    Have you done any yoga classes since the injuries? If the answer is yes, does it hurt when you do backwards or forward bends?

    Do you have any previous injuries or surgeries?

    Please share information about any medications and supplements that you are currently taking.

    How often do you practice Yoga?

    How long have you been practicing yoga?

    What other sports, exercises or group activities have you done in the past before starting yoga?

    Can you do any inversions? Which one are you confident in doing?

    What type of yoga are you interested in?

    How often do you meditate?

    How often do you practice pranayama?

    What are the skills or goals you would like to achieve in Yoga?

    What type of Yoga Teacher do you like most?

    Would you like me to give you some verbal or physical adjustments during class?

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