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Free Asana tips and preparations to reach good alignment with AsanaFEdia #asanafedia Length of reading: 10 to 15 ms When? Last Monday of the month Where: on my webpage https://femaryenne.com/blog  Price: Free Level: All levels are more than welcome! Location: in your living room, office space, park, beach, wherever you are! What to expect: This is the ultimate encyclopedia, […]

AsanaFedia: Downward-facing Dog

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Sanskrit name: Adho Mukha Śvānāsana  CHAKRAS INVOLVED: – Crown chakra: Sahasrara; five elements– Navel chakra: Manipura; the fire element– Root chakra: Muladhara; the earth element HOW TO PERFORM IT. Step by step guide: – Come into Balasana and stretch arms forward.– Spread the fingers wide, grasping the mat and feel the knuckles firmly planted.– Come […]