Parivrttavakrasana, Seated Twist Pose

How many times do we postpone what’s good just because of preconceptions, dogmas and fears?

“It’s not about making the right choice. 
It’s about making a choice and making it right.” 
― J.R. Rim

What I have learned until now is that I don’t let my fears be my choice.

The following article is about the story of how yoga turned out to be the answer I was looking for since quite a while. 

I simply start with one small step, nothing big and this small change made me grow big! 

The toughest part is taking the first step, but once you do, you will find that you have a stronger supportive voice that magically drowns out your critical voice.

In the previous episode I talked about my yoga teacher, the very first one I met in Australia in 2011.

She helped me to discover something that I never thought I could take into consideration.

I continued to attend some random classes, between a cardio class and another.

Everything was still very physical, though!

I considered the practice more like a stretching class, but every time I was stepping out of class I was feeling very good!

Always passionate about sports and movements, I returned to Italy and I decided to get my first certifications to become a fitness teacher in gyms. 

I began teaching various high-cardio disciplines.

Studying something new really thrilled me.

My life took a positive spin. 

Finally, I did something that I got hooked by.

I felt complete and it turned up quite naturally helping others find their well-being.

Enjoy their successes, educate, motivate with personal challenges, healthy habits, and lead a more conscious and pro-active lifestyle.

At some point, my life placed me in front of a choice. 

The hours of physical activity were so many, perhaps too many! 

My muscles were always sore, I never had time to rest.

My bones began to creak, the cartilage began to wear out and the pain was persistent.

I could not continue doing what I was doing, I had to change something!

In the meantime, I was sporadically following some yoga classes.

Yoga was the answer to my problems, but I kept postponing.

How many times do we postpone what’s good?

One night I had a dream. I was meditating in a place where I was feeling peaceful and complete in nature. 

Somehow I woke up that morning and I said to myself:
“I want to become a Yoga teacher”

I began to read a few books and give myself a deeper knowledge about yoga.

After informing myself I soon realized that, for some reason, I felt resistance against the strong spiritual side of yoga. 

Did you have that too?

Then I told myself: 

“Why should I be afraid of the choices of others? 

The definition of yoga is personal and I will do everything that will make me feel good and I will stop when something no longer makes me feel this way” 

After making this statement I felt released and obviously, I never stopped.

Now I ask you:

How much do your preconceptions, your dogmas, your stereotypes destabilize you until you can’t make the right choice anymore?

Do you also have that critical voice in your head standing in the way of achieving what’s good for you? 

Robin Sharma said it best: 

“No one wants to fail. So most of us don’t even try… which is a sad reflection of our own motivation.”

Do you also find yourself sometimes so powerless, and skilless, and you don’t dare to trust your own abilities anymore until you just make the first step?

Life taught me that the toughest part is taking the first step, but once you do, you will find that you have a stronger supportive voice that magically drowns out your critical voice. 

In 2016, I did my quantum leap to get my first Hatha Yoga certification.

And the small step toward the diploma was simply booking a ticket to India, certainly not experiencing what I nowadays considered my life-changing decision.  

I had never taken yoga so seriously before I stepped into the Ashram close to Mysore in the South of India. 

Have you ever been to an Ashram?

The true conversion took place there, it’s difficult to describe it with words, but everything changed from that moment on. 

It was always much easier for me to transform through movement, but I was so attached to what the fruit or the return of any action was. 

I was so unbalanced!

I used to do intense cardio training to lose weight and to look good. 

I used to run without stretching.

I was so loud without being able to sit within my silence.

I was holding on too much to an idea without being able to let it go.

I used to see things as I was and not as they were. 

I was searching for love from the outside world without being able to give it to myself. 

I used to abuse myself, mentally and physically, blurring my mind and body with drugs and alcohol. 

I used to identify with my pain, my discomfort, my fears, my traumas, my instability and my vulnerabilities.

I was tolerating myself which somehow implied bearing something unpleasant.

In the Ashram, I had a chance to escalate my life into the next evolutionary step as it didn’t feel comfortable anymore. 

I had to sit forcefully and observe my mental prison with meditation for days. 

Rather than tolerance, I started to cultivate acceptance within me, treating myself with respect, and with patience.

I discovered, through my daily yoga, meditation and breathing exercises, that I was able to create a new space within myself, finding the true source of happiness and connection to come back home in perfect harmony to my true self.

When I came back to Italy, everything became even clearer.

I had new full baggage of knowledge with me to experience, a new approach to life with new definitions.

It was only up to me to lift my practice to the next level or keep doing everything I was doing on a physical level!

Once I started practising meditation regularly, I became mentally stronger, I was able to concentrate for longer periods, I was calmer and still within life’s situations. 

I defined a bigger picture of health, stillness, with a new sense of discovery every day by listening to the body, to the inner voice of wisdom and innocence of a child. 

I was living my personal legend, without being influenced by society anymore. 

I finally stepped up, fought the fears, changed my mindset, and grew by listening to my silence because in that magical place there was finally time and space for myself.

I had never considered that my body and my mind were so disconnected because of a malfunction and so connected when in perfect harmony.

I started my expansion, to my infinite, I learned to love myself, help myself before helping any other.

I opened up to a state of deep gratitude towards all the experiences that had brought me here, to the person who I am today.

I began to look at the things around me with a healthy surprise, being amazed and breathless, leaving nothing to chance or for granted. 

The awareness of the present moment, devoid of time, slowly began to develop a new taste for existence.

The seasons in its uniqueness, 
a walk under the glow of the full moon,
a warm hug, 
a glance of complicity, 
diving into the icy water of a lake and feel alive 
simplify to get to the marrow of emotions,
being able to say “I love you”.

Only in this way, I managed to shake off all the dogmas and paradigms collected in life. 

The greatest revelations were when I began to understand the difference between what I really needed:

healthy appointments in silence to breathe, relaxing and listen to me,
inner contentment, feeding my spirit with laughter
freeing my spirit from possession 
cultivating true love for myself and the world.
self-studying and turning on my brain by reading books on personal growth, yoga, and meditation.

And what I had to eliminate:

everything that my ego desires, that causes me constant unhappiness,
turning off the TV, 
reducing and slimming down all the superfluous,
simplifying my life by consuming as little as possible.

I could feel that my life was about to change.

I began to feel the belongingness to mother earth.

Respecting my planet and becoming aware of the environment made me start to feel so close and related to nature.

Yoga started to be so rooted in my daily life.

It helps me to face all the challenges, teaching me to be present, to concentrate and to be receptive.

Yoga is undoubtedly my most beautiful journey, where for the first time there is no destiny, everything is temporary, in free fall towards myself.

All this I owe to yoga.

Are you ready to take a leap?

I know. Changes frighten, that’s why I wanted to tell you my story.

It will take you one day, or maybe a minute or even a second to start, recognising to yourself that you can start over here and now. 

Simply by getting the new LIVE zoom class here.

Let go of your past and re-evaluate everything concerning your happiness and well-being.

It doesn’t matter if you go slowly, the most important thing is not to stop!

Take that first step and find out what is missing in your life!
What is missing for you today? 
What would you like to improve? 
Where do you need help the most?
What would be so beneficial to you today? 

Just let me know your thoughts in order to help you out!

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